Film Night Ideas For You And Your Friends

There’s nothing we love more here at Small Screen than a good film night. Getting together with a bunch of friends on an evening and watching some of the best films, what’s not to like? If you are thinking of planning a film night, then you have come across the correct article to read. We will give you the advice to ensure that your night of films runs smoothly and that you and all of your friends will enjoy yourself to the maximum.

Ensure you Have Enough Snacks

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First and foremost, no film night was ever successful without an assortment of food and snacks. If you are the host, your best bet is to ask everyone’s preferred food options before they arrive. But if you are unsure, crowd favourites include crisps (chips if you are American), dips, popcorn and a few different drinking beverages including water and soft drinks. Depending on you and your friends’ preferences, you could also ensure a steady supply of alcohol. One safe strategy is to order pizza before you begin your film. That way, it will arrive at the halfway point of whatever film you have put on, and everyone can have a break and eat some pizza. Alternatively, if you plan on watching several films throughout the night, perhaps you can order the takeaway once the first film has finished.

Pick a Film Everyone Will Enjoy

This is a pretty important point! There’s nothing worse than having some of your friends not actually enjoy the film that everyone is watching. Firstly, they probably won’t come to one of your film nights again. Secondly, they may end up disturbing the peace and harmony in the room, thereby ruining the night for the rest of you and your friends too. Our advice would be to agree on a film to watch before the night itself. Although it is likely that everyone won’t be pleased with the film (depending on how many people you ask) at least it gives people the opportunity to decline the invite if the film chosen is not to their satisfaction.

Here are some recommendations that are suitable for a wide variety of different personalities. Alternatively, check out this film guide if you are watching films via Netflix.

  • Taken
  • Pulp Fiction
  • The Dark Knight
  • Forest Gump
  • Gladiator
  • Alien
  • Indiana Jones
  • Back To The Future

Secure the Environment


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There’s nothing worse than having your evening interrupted by someone’s parents or siblings. Ensure that your environment won’t be interrupted, and your evening spoiled. This is up to the host of the evening of course, so if you are wanting to host your own film night, make sure you have a good environment in which to do so. Furthermore, it is up to the host to make sure everyone enjoys themselves too. So, ensure everything is set up and ready before your friends arrive. Also, ensure that the screen is in full view of everyone and that you have enough chairs for everyone too! Many a film evening has been spoiled due to lack of seating space!

Add a Casino Theme

If you are watching any films associated with gambling, it would make sense to have an iPad or something similar so that people can pull up their favourite Blackjack apps, play in poker tournaments or enjoy a variety of slots bonuses. This is largely digital so its easy for you to set up. Alternatively, you can rent a professional poker or craps table if you want your film night to fully evolve into a casino theme. Perhaps you could even use some James Bond poker cards. Better yet, a casino theme is perfect for a Casino Royale themed film night! Here are some perfect films if you decide to host a casino themed film night:

  • James Bond: Casino Royale
  • Rounders
  • The Hangover (Part 1,2 and 3)
  • Ocean’s Eleven
  • 21
  • The Gambler

Vote on Which Film to Watch Next

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We would consider it a good idea to vote on which film to watch during your next film night whilst you and your friends are still with one another. If you are a close-knit group, you could all recommend a film by writing it on a piece of paper and putting the pieces into a hat, and then the host could pick one out at random. Alternatively, you could create a straw poll online. Once again, if you decide which film to watch beforehand, others can then decide whether or not they would like to attend.

Final Considerations

Now that you have read all our advice, all that is left for us to say is make sure you have a good time! No matter what stage you are in life, films offer us all an opportunity to destress from our usual lives. They give us the possibility to travel to far away lands, take us back in time and take us far into the future. So, from the team here at Small Screen, enjoy yourself and see you next time!


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