Spider-Man: No Way Home Trailer Reveals The Sinister Six


Well, I need to preface this by saying *almost*. Spider-Man: No Way Home’s first trailer teases five of the Sinister Six.

I didn’t catch a reference to Rhino in the trailer, but I am pretty sure he will be there – or another member of the Sinister Six will be making an appearance.

Perhaps Mysterio isn’t really dead and he’ll join them? Who knows.

However, let’s get into the reveals.

Well, Spider-Man: No Way Home’s trailer is literally filled with yellow lightning, which is a clear reference to Jamie Foxx’s Elektro.

There is a particular scene in which Spider-Man is about to be obliterated by some of this lightning and then some sand comes in front of him and stops it.

There’s our second member of the Sinister Six – Sandman – however, it does look like he’s on Spider-Man’s side here.

Another clear tease to a member of the Sinister Six is the moment when one of the Green Goblin’s Pumpkin bombs rolls into shot.

So, that’s three of them.

Then, there’s Alfred Molina back as Doc Ock.

He’s visibly been ‘de-aged’ in this scene, but it’s him and it seems like he means business.

Spider-Man: No Way Home’s trailer teases the members of the Sinister Six

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OK, so that’s four. Where’s the fifth, I hear you ask?

Well, the fifth is Lizard (Dr. Curtis ” Curt ” Connors) whom you can just about make out in a very brief snippet of the trailer.

It’s the moment where Peter Parker is looking the other way and then there’s a lizard-looking hand that tries to grab at him from behind him.

However, it seems as though it’s stopped by a magical barrier.

I think this is the box that we see Spider-Man holding whilst Doctor Strange is chasing him through the Mirror Dimension.

The rumour is that Spider-Man is persuaded by Willem Dafoe’s Norman Osborn that the villains will all die if he doesn’t help them.

Doctor Strange reportedly locks them all up in this cube, which Spider-Man then steals and attempts to free the villains and put them back in their respective dimensions.

However, I am pretty sure that the Sinister Six will double-cross Peter and that’s when all Hell breaks loose.

What do you make of this news?

Are you looking forward to seeing the Sinister Six in Spider-Man: No Way Home?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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