Spider-Man: Far From Home’s Tom Holland Convinced Jake Gyllenhaal To Join The MCU

Spider-Man: Far From Home was a pretty big success for Marvel, and it also marked Jake Gyllenhaal’s entrance into the MCU as Mysterio, yet Jake recently revealed how pivotal Tom Holland was in bringing him into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

If you hadn’t heard, Jake was initially lined up to play Spider-Man in Sam Raimi’s second Spider-Man movie, Spider-Man 2, yet Tobey Maguire ended up making a very late comeback.

Yet, it seems as though all that time waiting on the sidelines paid off for Gyllenhaal as he got to play a really interesting character in Spider-Man: Far From Home.

He played Quentin Beck, a.k.a. Mysterio, and there’s a lot of nuisances to Jake’s character, and he played him perfectly.

Spider-Man's support group in Spider-Man: Far From Home

Spider-Man’s (Tom Holland) support group against Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal) in Spider-Man: Far From Home. (Credit: Sony Pictures)

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Yet, it wasn’t as easy for the famous actor to settle into the Marvel movie as one might have thought.

Jake revealed how the first days of shooting were rather intense for him. just Tom Holland was on-hand to help him through it all.

“I got thrown into the world in a lot of ways and an interesting thing is our friendship in the movie, it reflected our real friendship in real life,” Gyllenhaal said during a panel at Ace Comic Con Midwest (via ComicBook.com).

“I met him and he was as kind as he is in the movie to my character.”

“We did a lot of the earlier scenes first, so we started to kind of become friends in that same way. I was totally overwhelmed,” Gyllenhaal added.

“I mean, it’s huge. I mean, walking on set, the first scene I did was when I literally land on Earth as Mysterio when I see Nick Fury.

“That is the first moment, first scene I shot. I just jumped off a platform and landed into the MCU and that was a little bit intense. But Tom was just so supportive through all of it.”

Nick Fury and Happy in Spider-Man: Far From Home

Nick Fury and Happy in Spider-Man: Far From Home (Credit: Sony Pictures)

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He also went on to explain how six weeks before the film starting shooting he would come to Holland for advice on how to act in a superhero movie.

“I was definitely overwhelmed,” Gyllenhaal said.

“It was an honour, and then also because the world is so big and you’re jumping in and I also had a particular type of intention, which is that I was for a very long time playing the hero with him and I knew there was going to be a turn and we were figuring it out, a lot of times, as we went in certain spaces.

“So that was always on my mind and I was always trying to figure out how I was going to turn it. It kind of hurt my heart a little bit that I was going to have to do some bad things to this dude. And then I didn’t care.”

Spider-Man: Far From Home turned out great, and I’m just glad we’re going to get a follow-up to the movie.

Hopefully, Jake will make a comeback somehow, but given the end of the movie, that’s not looking very likely.

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