Spider-Man: Far From Home’s Zendaya Reveals Her Biggest Fear For Tom Holland

Spider-Man: Far From Home’s Zendaya has been talking about what she’s scared of whilst watching Tom Holland act in the Spidey suit on-set.

Spider-Man: Far From Home is in cinemas now, and it’s a pretty good Spider-Man film. Check out our review to find out what we thought of the film.

One of the film’s biggest strengths is the awkward chemistry between Tom Holland’s Peter Parker and Zendaya’s MJ. They save those scenes from looking like they’re taken out of a poor American sitcom and actually make them very engaging and enjoyable to watch, which is no mean feat.

However, it turns out that Zendaya was spending most of her time on-set worried about Tom Holland in that Spider-Man suit. She recently explained why that was during an interview with MTV News.

She began: “Honestly, the stories I’ve heard about him having to wear that suit, like I do not… You know what I think about all the time that really scares me?

“Is like, when he wears that mask that you can’t just take off, cause it’s all like one piece, I get scared all the time like, what if he’s working so hard that he throws up, and then he can’t, he chokes!

“I think about it all the time! That’s really scary…Cause I look at him like ‘Please, I hope he never gets sick, oh my god!’”

Zendaya was being interviewed alongside Jacob Batalon who was very impressed with Holland’s acrobatics in the suite.

He said: “I don’t wish that on my worst enemy…No, but also like, when he’s like, doing flips and stuff like, and he can’t see out the mask it’s like, how he is he doing this? You know like, it’s crazy. Shout out, cause I don’t wanna be wearing a thong in a body tight suit for like 12 hours a day.”

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Spider-Man: Far From Home is in UK cinemas now.

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