Could Spider-Man Have A Crush On Carol Danvers In Captain Marvel 2?

There’s been some talk that Peter Parker, a.k.a. Spider-Man, might be crushing on Carol Danvers, a.k.a. Captain Marvel, in Captain Marvel 2, which is rumoured to be called Captain Marvel: Secret Invasion.

People have been pointing to the fact that the two of them shared a brief romance in the comic books – they went on a date together which didn’t go too well – and there was also a moment in Avengers: Endgame where Spider-Man couldn’t keep his eyes off of Captain Marvel.

It was really surprising that Spider-Man was in awe of this new Marvel superhero. She’s pretty awe-inspiring.

However, according to We Got This Covered’s sources, and have been right about this stuff in the past before, Spider-Man could have a crush on Captain Marvel in Captain Marvel 2, which means he would be involved in the movie.

This could end up being the case, however, it all depends on the deal they recently struck with Sony Pictures.

Will Spider-Man actually be in Captain Marvel 2?

Spidey could have a crush on Captain Marvel in an upcoming movi

Spidey could have a crush on Captain Marvel in an upcoming movie – Credit: Marvel Studios

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There was a moment where it looked like Marvel Studios may no longer be able to have Spider-Man in their movies. This was because they couldn’t come to an agreement during their Spider-Man movie property renegotiations talks.

There were reports that Disney was asking for a larger share of the profits from the Spider-Man movies. They wanted a 50% share of them.

Sony Pictures, naturally, were unwilling to offer them that, but they managed to sort things out in the end, and it was reported that Tom Holland may have had something to do with it.

The fact that Spider-Man, and specifically Tom Holland’s version of Spider-Man, was still going to be involved in the MCU moving forward is very important since they were in the process of making him a central part of the MCU following Tony Stark and Captain America’s departures from the Marvel movies saga.

Meanwhile, Captain Marvel is all set to become one of the main focal points of the MCU, especially since Marvel is looking to champion diversity and representation in their upcoming movies.

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  1. Scott Ivory

    Spider-Man’s crush on Captain Marvel may seem likely, but the two of them dating? Won’t work, because Peter Parker appears to be around 16-17 years old, and Carol Danvers still looks to be in her early thirties, so them dating will never work out, but the two off them working together as a team is still something to look forward to, especially against villains, both earth level and cosmic level, but if Norman Osborn does make an appearance in the future, he might prove to be quite a challenge, if he starts off as the ‘Iron Patriot,’ and then as the ‘Green Goblin,’ though it should be based on the ‘Ultimate’ version.

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