Smile Sequel Confirmed To Be In The Works


In a move that has horror enthusiasts grinning with anticipation, Paramount Pictures has confirmed the development of a sequel to the 2022 horror hit Smile. The original film, which followed the harrowing experiences of therapist Dr. Rose Cotter, portrayed by Sosie Bacon, became a box office sensation, raking in a staggering $217 million globally. This announcement comes as a thrilling nod to the film’s success and a testament to the undying appeal of the horror genre among moviegoers.

The confirmation of Smile 2 was made at CinemaCon, setting the stage for another foray into the chilling world that left audiences with a haunting aftertaste. With the first film ending on a note ripe for continuation, the sequel promises to delve deeper into the curse that plagued Dr. Cotter, potentially shifting the focus to new characters or even exploring the origins of the malevolent entity at the film’s heart.

The Success of Smile


Credit: Paramount Pictures

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Box Office Triumph

The original Smile film’s success was nothing short of phenomenal. With a storyline that captivated and terrified viewers, it became a standout feature, demonstrating the profitability and popularity of well-crafted horror movies. The film’s ability to resonate with audiences and maintain a strong presence at the box office is a significant factor in the greenlighting of its sequel.

Critical Acclaim and Audience Reception

While box office numbers tell a tale of commercial success, the critical acclaim and audience reception paint a broader picture of Smile‘s impact. The film’s innovative approach to psychological horror and its visceral portrayal of supernatural phenomena contributed to its widespread appeal, laying a solid foundation for the upcoming sequel.

What To Expect From a Smile Sequel


Credit: Paramount Pictures

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A New Protagonist?

The end of Smile set a precedent for a sequel, with the curse being passed onto Kyle Gallner’s character, Joel. This pivot suggests that Smile 2 could see Joel grappling with the curse, stepping into the protagonist’s role as he navigates the terror that once consumed Dr. Cotter.

Unravelling the Mystery

Smile 2 presents an opportunity to explore the enigmatic entity that haunted the first film. The demonic presence, which remained unnamed and shrouded in mystery, could be further developed, offering audiences a deeper understanding of its origins and motives, potentially through a prequel narrative.

The Potential Directions for Smile 2


Credit: Paramount Pictures

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Sequel or Prequel?

The sequel could take several routes; it might continue the story from where the first film left off or serve as a prequel, delving into the backstory of the smile entity. This flexibility in narrative direction ensures that Smile 2 could offer a fresh perspective while retaining the core elements that made the original film a success.

Expanding the Smile Universe

With a new film comes the potential to expand the Smile universe. Introducing new characters and settings could enrich the franchise, offering varied and possibly more intricate storylines that could sustain the series’ longevity.

Final Thoughts on Smile 2


Credit: Paramount Pictures

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The confirmation of Smile 2 is a beacon of excitement for fans of the horror genre. As Paramount Pictures embarks on this new project, the anticipation builds for what could be another thrilling addition to the Smile franchise. With the original film’s director, Parker Finn, already in a deal with Paramount, the sequel is poised to harness the same creative energy that made Smile a standout horror movie.

As we await further details on casting, plot, and a release date, one thing is certain: the success of Smile has carved a smile on the face of the horror film industry, and its sequel is eagerly awaited to see if it can uphold the legacy of its predecessor. With a multitude of directions to take, Smile 2 could be the next big thing to hit theatres, promising to deliver the chills and thrills that fans have come to expect from this burgeoning horror saga.

What do you make of this news? Are you looking forward to watching Smile 2?

You can stream the first Smile movie on Paramount+ right now.