Fan Film Silent Hill: Echoes Gets Its First Trailer And It Looks Freaky As Hell

The new trailer for an upcoming fan film called Silent Hill: Echoes has been released on YouTube and it looks very freaky indeed. You can have a watch of the trailer for yourselves right here.

So, this movie is being made by a company called CD Media and they released the first look at Silent Hill: Echoes, which is a new Silent Hill fan film. The story follows James Sunderland (Michael Ciesla, Halloween: Inferno II) as he searches for his late wife, Maria (Kaylin Cervini, Book of Evil) in Silent Hill.

The trailer seems to capture the freakiness of the games perfectly. They also were very accurate as far as the character designs of the video games are concerned. I’m sure Silent Hill fans will be very excited to see this new fan film once it’s released.

Silent Hill: Echoes’ trailer is very creepy!

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According to the filmmakers, Silent Hill: Echoes was made by fans, for fans. They are claiming that the movie will deliver strong horror while staying true to the franchise. Producer and Cinematographer Codey Dingfield (CD Media) came up with the concept.

Here’s what Codey had to say about the project and his inspiration to make this fan film: “Silent Hill 2 inspired me to get into horror. I remember staying up late at night, all alone with my PS2, walking around the apartment and being scared at all times! The atmosphere. The audio design. The soundtrack. The creature design… All of it is timeless and beautiful.”

The movie will be released on November 27th, 2020, and it was directed by Tim Davis and James Coleman.

What do you make of this first trailer for Silent Hill: Echoes? Is this a film you might want to check out when it comes out? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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