Sexify Season 2 Release Date: When Will New Episodes Air?


Sexify Season 1 has been a huge hit on Netflix and really seems to have struck a chord with viewers all over the world, but when will Season 2 air?

This new Polish show kind of came out of nowhere and became May’s top TV show on the streaming platform (via FlixPatrol).

Sexify is far ahead of any of the other shows on the streaming platform.

But why is this show so popular with Netflix viewers?

Well, it could have something to do with the subject matter.

We all know that sex sells and it seems as though the show’s taken a leaf out of Sex Education’s book.

Sex Education proved to be hugely popular with Netflix viewers and Sexify’s been equally as popular.

What’s Sexify about?


Credit: Netflix

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So, what’s this show about?

Well, if you’re reading this article then you probably already watched Sexify Season 1 on Netflix.

But for all of you strange people who are reading this and haven’t watched Season 1 of the show yet, here’s a brief synopsis.

An ambitious computer science student, Natalia dreams of winning a prestigious competition. Her key to success is to create an innovative application that will satisfy the curiosity and sexual needs of her peers. The problem is that she knows a lot about programming but very little about sex. So she decides to join forces with her best friend Paulina and her dorm mate Monika. In order to invent an algorithm for female orgasm, the girls begin to explore the mysterious and intricate world of sex, learning more and more about themselves in the process. Sexify is a funny and provocative story about the lives of young girls today – growing up, discovering female power and sexuality.

Will there be a Sexify Season 2 on Netflix?


Credit: Netflix

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So, the first season of Sexify has already proven to be a huge success on the streaming platform.

Will there be a Season 2 of Sexify then, and has Netflix officially announced it?

Well, the short answer to that is Netflix hasn’t announced Sexify Season 2, yet I’m pretty sure that they will make it.

Why hasn’t Netflix announced Season 2 yet?

There could be a whole bunch of reasons why they have opted not to announce it yet.

They could be working on finalising the actor’s contracts and might also want to ensure that Sexify’s Season 2’s scripts are perfect before announcing anything.

Netflix doesn’t tend to make official announcements on their shows until the very last minute.

That’s just how they work.

I have reached out to Netflix representatives and asked them to clarify whether Sexify Season 2 is in the works or not.

I have yet to receive any response.

When could Sexify Season 2 land on Netflix?


Credit: Netflix

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So, when could Sexify Season 2 be released on Netflix?

That’s probably why you’re all reading this article?

Well, all I can offer you is my best guess, and I really hope that’s OK.

It is based on how long these Netflix productions tend to take.

So, let’s assume that production on Sexify Season 2 starts this summer.

They could take three to four months to shoot the second season.

Then Netflix shows usually take about six to eight months in post-production.

OK, so that would mean the show could take up to a year to be completed.

With this in mind, I would guess that Sexify Season 2 should be on Netflix in June – July 2022.

What do you make of this feature?

Have you watched Sexify Season 1 on Netflix?

If so, what did you make of it?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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