The Joker Spinoff Movie’s Script is Almost Finished and it Might Start Filming in 2018

There are reports suggesting that the script for the Joker spinoff movie is almost complete and that the film could start filming as early as 2018.

People were naturally a bit puzzled when it was announced that Warner Bros. was working on a Joker spinoff movie which wouldn’t feature Suicide Squad’s Jared Leto (thank God). It was also revealed that the film in question would not be taking place withing the DCEU, will be directed by The Hangover’s Todd Phillips and produced by none other than Hollywood legend, Martin Scorsese. There were subsequent reports that Warner Bros. was trying to get Leonardo DiCaprio to sign onto the project, but those rumours haven’t been verified yet.

Now there’s some more news regarding this much discussed Joker spinoff movie. According to a tweet by Variety Film Reporter, Justin Kroll, the film’s script is already nearing completion, which means that we could expect shooting to begin in 2018, which is an incredibly quick turnaround. Check out his tweet below.

This is all very good, but the likelihood is that this is a first draft of the script and will require further edits and tweaks, so it still may be a while until the film actually starts shooting. Think closer to the end of 2018 than the beginning. They still have to cast the movie, which will be an interesting and much scrutinised process. Casting a new Joker always seems to be a big event.

The Joker spinoff movie is said to be set in 1980s Gotham and will be more in line with a gritty crime drama than your bog-standard comic book movie. The fact that they have managed to get Scorsese on-board as a producer is proof of how seriously Warner Bros. is taking this project. They’re most likely seeing this as a way to make more interesting and possibly Oscar-worthy movies underneath the DC Comics banner. It would certainly give them a one-up over Marvel if they get a Best Film, Best Director, Best Screenplay, or Best Actor nomination from the Academy Awards.

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