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The Sci-Fi Thriller On Netflix That Messes With The Time-Line


In the vast realm of sci-fi thrillers, a genre that often explores the complexities and mysteries of time, one film on Netflix has managed to weave a narrative that is as perplexing as it is captivating. Cities of Last Things, a film that not only challenges the conventional storytelling norms but also immerses its audience into a deep, reflective journey through time, has become a topic of intrigue and admiration among sci-fi enthusiasts. The film, directed by Wi Ding Ho, takes its audience on a unique cinematic journey, narrating its story in a reverse-chronological order, providing a thought-provoking perspective on the interconnectedness of life’s events.

The sci-fi genre has always been a fertile ground for exploring narratives that mess with time, offering filmmakers the creative liberty to explore non-linear, cyclical, and sometimes paradoxical storytelling. Cities of Last Things stands out among sci-fi films on Netflix by not just employing time as a narrative device but also using it to delve into deeper themes of humanity, destiny, and consequence.

A Tale Told Backwards: The Narrative Structure


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Beginning at The End: A Glimpse into the Future

Cities of Last Things opens in a dystopian future, introducing viewers to Zhang Dong Ling, an older man living in a world dominated by advanced technology and authoritative forces. The film immediately grips its audience with a tragic event – Zhang’s suicide, prompting a myriad of questions about the circumstances that led to such a moment.

Peeling Back the Layers: The Middle and The Start

As the narrative unfolds, it takes the audience further back in time, exploring Zhang’s middle-aged years, and eventually, his youth. Each period is meticulously unravelled, revealing how Zhang’s experiences, choices, and the people he encounters shape his future actions and ultimately, his destiny.

Themes of Fate, Redemption, and Cyclical Existence


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Actions and Consequences: A Ripple Through Time

The film intertwines themes of fate, redemption, and cyclical existence, masterfully crafting a poignant tale that underscores the idea that every action has a reaction, and every decision, no matter its size, can ripple through time, profoundly impacting one’s destiny. The sci-fi movie emphasizes that every choice we make can have cascading effects, shaping our future in ways we might not immediately comprehend.

Reflections on Life: An Introspective Journey

Through its innovative manipulation of time, Cities of Last Things offers an evocative exploration of the choices we make and how they shape our destinies. The film mirrors the way we engage with our memories, often starting with the present and tracing back to identify defining moments, encouraging viewers to embark on an introspective journey, paralleling Zhang’s own experiences.

A Standout Among Sci-Fi Thrillers on Netflix


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Challenging Traditional Narrative Structures

Cities of Last Things challenges traditional narrative structures, urging viewers to contemplate the inexorable links between the past, present, and future. Its reverse chronological storytelling becomes a potent tool that delves deep into the essence of human experience, regrets, and the cascading effects of choices made over a lifetime.

A Thought-Provoking Journey on Netflix

Streaming on Netflix, audiences worldwide have the opportunity to immerse themselves in this poignant tale, reflecting on their own life choices and the myriad ways our past shapes our future. In an era where films often chase spectacle over substance, Cities of Last Things offers a thought-provoking journey that lingers long after the credits roll.

Final Thoughts on this sci-fi thriller on Netflix


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Cities of Last Things is not merely a sci-fi movie; it is a reflection on life, choices, and the inevitable passage of time. It invites its viewers to ponder upon their own lives, the choices they have made, and the paths those choices have forged. The film, with its unique narrative structure and deep thematic explorations, has carved out a special place among sci-fi movies on Netflix, offering a cinematic experience that is as intellectually stimulating as it is emotionally resonant.

In a landscape of sci-fi films that often prioritize spectacle and futuristic aesthetics, Cities of Last Things provides a refreshing and introspective exploration of human experiences, choices, and their far-reaching consequences. It stands as a testament to the potential of sci-fi thrillers to not only entertain but also to provide profound, thought-provoking narratives that stay with viewers, prompting reflection and discussion long after the screen goes dark.

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