The Sci-Fi Epic On Netflix That Deserves More Sequels Than RoboCop


In the vast universe of science fiction, certain films stand out for their unique vision, compelling narratives, and unforgettable characters. Among these, the sci-fi dystopian blockbuster Dredd has carved a niche for itself. Now available on Netflix, this film has reignited discussions about its much-anticipated sequel.

This is a film that really deserves sequels, and really, it should have more sequels than the first RoboCop movie ended up getting because I think it’s a much more interesting film, world and premise. But that’s just my opinion.

A Deep Dive into Dredd


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The World of Mega-City One

Set in a post-apocalyptic future, Dredd introduces us to Mega-City One, a vast, violent metropolis where law is upheld by Judges. These Judges, with the power to act as judge, jury, and executioner, patrol the city to dispense justice. The film’s portrayal of this dystopian world is both haunting and mesmerising.

Karl Urban’s Stellar Performance

Karl Urban’s portrayal of Judge Dredd is nothing short of iconic. With a steely resolve and unwavering commitment to justice, Urban’s Dredd is a character that resonates with audiences, making the demand for a sequel even more pressing.

The Legacy of Dredd


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A Sci-Fi Cult Classic

While Dredd may not have been a massive box office success upon its initial release, it has since gained a cult following. Its gritty realism, combined with high-octane action sequences, has made it a favourite among science fiction aficionados.

The Demand for a Sequel

Ever since its release, fans have been clamouring for a sequel to Dredd. The film’s ending, which left several threads unresolved, has only added fuel to this demand. With its resurgence in popularity on Netflix, the calls for a sequel have grown louder.

Dredd in the Age of Streaming


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Finding a New Audience on Netflix

Netflix, with its vast global audience, has given Dredd a second life. New viewers are discovering the film, and long-time fans are revisiting it, leading to a renewed interest in the world of Mega-City One.

The Potential for a Netflix Sequel

Given the film’s popularity on the platform, there’s potential for Netflix to consider producing a sequel. With the streaming giant’s track record of reviving beloved franchises, a Dredd sequel might just be on the horizon.

Final Thoughts on Dredd


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The film is more than just a science fiction dystopian blockbuster; it’s a testament to the genre’s ability to reflect societal issues while providing edge-of-the-seat entertainment. As the film continues to gain traction on Netflix, one can only hope that the powers that be recognise its potential and give fans the sequel they’ve been waiting for.

In an era where sequels and reboots dominate the cinematic landscape, the absence of a Dredd sequel is palpable. For now, fans can only rewatch the classic on Netflix and hope that the streaming giant sees the goldmine of potential that lies in a follow-up.

What do you make of this news? Are you a fan of the Karl Urban-led movie and do you think that it should get a sequel? Have you watched the movie on Netflix yet? If so, what did you make of the film? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

You can stream Dredd right now on Netflix. However, it’s only available in selected regions around the globe. At the moment, you’ll be able to stream the movie if you’ve got access to Netflix US.

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    i thought rebelion, you know the owners of the Judge Dredd, 2000AD, etc, were making a mega-city one TV show ? i mean its been a good few years since it was anounced by them but i still think its been worked towards ?

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