People Are Confusing Sasha Banks For Rosario Dawson In The Mandalorian Season 2 Trailer

The Mandalorian Season 2 trailer has dropped and people have been confusing Sasha Banks for Rosario Dawson in the trailer.

So, the first thing we have to clear up is that the person in The Mandalorian Season 2’s trailer is NOT Rosario Dawson.

It’s actually Sasha Banks, who it seems like will be playing a mysterious Jedi character, or at least someone who’s connected to the Jedi.

Anyway, people saw the trailer and then took to Twitter to complain about how Rosario Dawson looked nothing like Ahsoka Tano in the trailer.

Well, it’s because that was neither Ahsoka Tano nor Rosario Dawson.

However, people were quick to point out this fact on Twitter and the whole thing has now started trending.

People really think this is Rosario Dawson in The Mandalorian Season 2 trailer

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However, Dawson and Banks mixup aside, this trailer for The Mandalorian Season 2 really got me in the mood to watch it.

It really looks very impressive and I have very high hopes for this second season.

I liked the first season, but I wasn’t blown away by it, and I really was expecting to be.

I loved the final two episodes of the first season (both directed by Taika Waititi), and I hope they do more of the same in Season 2.

What do you make of this news?

Did you think the mysterious ‘Jedi’ in The Mandalorian Season 2 trailer was Rosario Dawson?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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