Ryan Reynolds Is Reportedly Not Happy With Disney Over Deadpool 3 Censorship


It’s being reported that Ryan Reynolds is not very happy with the House Of Mouse (Disney) over censorship issues with the upcoming Deadpool 3 movie.

This report comes to us from GeekTyrant who’s claiming that their sources are reporting a rift between Reynolds and Disney over ratings and censorship of the Deadpool character.

Here’s what they had to say in their report:

According to a source that works on the Fox Studios lot, Reynolds has ‘had it with Disney and doesn’t want to have anything to do with them.’ So, what did Disney do to possibly get on Reynolds’ bad side? Well, from what I’ve been told Reynolds is tired of the Disney ‘censorship bullshit’ and that he’s saying ‘enough is enough.’

Ryan Reynolds is unhappy with Disney over constant Deadpool censorship

Ryan Reynolds Deadpool MCU

Credit: Marvel Studios

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So, this makes it sound like even though Kevin Feige said that the Deadpool 3 movie is going to be R-rated, Disney is still not overly keen on Deadpool being let loose.

I’m wondering whether this has to do with some jokes that Reynolds wanted to make at Disney’s expense.

However, it could also have to do with the R-rated nature 0f the Deadpool character that Disney is just not comfortable with.

It does sound as though this is an issue Reynolds is having with Disney and not Marvel Studios specifically.

The report also says the following:

I was also told that Reynolds’s Deadpool is supposed to ‘fill in the Stan Lee cameos in the Marvel movies from now on.’ But, again, I have no official confirmation of this. This is all just coming from people I know on the Fox lot.

I am very interested in seeing how this story develops from here.

What do you make of this news? Are you worried about Deadpool 3 and Ryan Reynolds?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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