Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool Will Reportedly Carry On Making Green Lantern Jokes In The MCU

It’s being rumoured that Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool will still carry on making jokes at the expense of Green Lantern in the MCU.

This rumour comes courtesy of We Got This Covered’s sources.

They are claiming that Ryan Reynolds will still be allowed to make fun of Green Lantern in the upcoming Deadpool movies.

The reason why we thought that might not be the case is because the next Deadpool movies will be made by Disney/Marvel Studios.

They are so keen on making R-rated movies that make fun of DC Comics movies.

However, it sounds like they might be changing their ways due to the fact that they now own the Deadpool franchise.

We still don’t really know what’s going to happen with the Deadpool movies.

Deadpool will still make Green Lantern jokes in the MCU


Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

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People have asked Ryan Reynolds on multiple occasions about what’s going on.

He’s been a bit coy on the subject and keeps on saying that discussions are ongoing.

However, nothing has been officially confirmed.

Yet, we have heard rumours that Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures might start making R-rated movies together.

This could allow them to make R-rated Deadpool and Blade movies.

We know that they’re making the Blade film and that one – just like the Deadpool movies – has to be R-rated.

What do you make of this rumour?

Are you looking forward to seeing Deadpool make Green Lantern jokes in the MCU?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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