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Robert Pattinson’s The Batman Movie Rumoured To Be R-Rated

It’s being reported that Robert Pattinson and Matt Reeves’ upcoming The Batman movie is going to be R-rated. This news comes from Daniel Richtman’s Patreon page and we really hope this is true.

The Batman does feel like it’s going to be one of the most ‘mature’ Batman movies ever made. That’s saying something because we have had some pretty violent Batman films over the years.

The Tim Burton movies were pretty violent and the Christopher Nolan Dark Knight films were also pretty action-heavy, yet they didn’t venture into the ‘R-rated’ area. Yet, it sounds like Matt Reeves’ The Batman picture might end up getting the R-rating that so many DC Comics fans have been hoping for.

The Batman film might end up being R-Rated


Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

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One of the big reasons why Warner Bros. Pictures might be OK with making The Batman R-rated could be because of Joker’s huge success. That movie proved that an R-rated movie can make a lot of money.

In the past, movie studios were pretty hesitant at making their big blockbusters R-rated because they felt that it would cut their potential profits in half. However, that’s not necessarily true, and films like Joker, Deadpool and Deadpool 2 have shown that.

Those movies all did really well at the box office despite being R-rated. They were just good films that weren’t constrained by sticking to a more audience-friendly rating, which many other comic book movies have done in the past.

People might say that an R-rating doesn’t make for a better film, and they’re right. Look at the other Batman movies that were made in the past. However, what having an R-rating allows you to do is really push the boundaries.

What do you make of this rumour? Would you like to see The Batman get an R-rating? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Blue

    Horrible idea. This excuse these film makers make that batman was ultra violent and even killed when the series first came out therefore he should be that way now, is like saying they should go back to putting cocaine in Coca Cola. Batman isn’t spawn or the crow. Just reboot those franchises and let batman be what he evolved into that’s responsible for his mainstream success, a product that families, children in particular, can enjoy.

  2. Anonymous

    That’s some B.S. if I’ve ever heard it. Deadpool, Deadpool 2, and Joker are all outliers. While Joker may have been the first R-Rated movie to make a billion dollars, Batman’s already had two. Joker was also backed by extreme media coverage (Who, for some reason, thought that people watching the Joker movie would turn into the Joker?), and Deadpool was marketed as the “First of its kind” big, bombastic, profane superhero movie. The audience was also aware of how a PG-13 Deadpool worked in X-Men Origins: Wolverine (It didn’t). And then Deadpool 2 was a sequel to a popular movie.

    Plus, Batman has always worked well in PG-13. In fact, some of his darkest moments have been captured in PG (Mask of the Phantasm). Having an R-Rating would only allow for more blood and language, neither of which make a movie better.

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