Robert Pattinson’s Batman Voice Will Be Based On Willem Dafoe

Robert Pattinson is currently hard at work prepping his role as Batman in Matt Reeves’ DC Comics movie, The Batman, and it seems as though he might already have more than a few things sorted out.

He already revealed that his Batsuit is going to be really really cool. So, he’s got that part of the role down – the look. However, it sounds like he also might have the Dark Knight’s voice sorted out already.

Batman has had many different voices over the years, the famous probably being Christian Bale’s odd growl and Kevin Conroy’s deep, menacing tones.

It’s one of the most important parts of the character. They have to have a good voice, and it sounds as if Robert Pattinson may have had the perfect source of inspiration in his co-star from his upcoming movie, The Lighthouse.

Robert Pattinson was during an interview with Access whether he had been developing his Batman voice yet, and Pattinson revealed that he’d taken inspiration from the way Dafoe speaks in The Lighthouse.

Just imagine Robert Pattinson channelling Dafoe as Batman

Robert Pattinson in The Lighthouse

Robert Pattinson in The Lighthouse – Credit: A24

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“Willem’s voice in this is kind of inspiring for it, to be honest,” he said.

“It is kind of similar, the voice I’m going to do, to his.”

He added: “I think Batman has a kind of ‘piratey’ voice. I think that will really suit it.”

It would be rather interesting to hear this new sort of Batman voice. I just hope it will sound less rediculous than Bale’s awful growl which just became a joke towards the end of the Dark Knight trilogy.

I actually really liked the way the tackled Batman’s voice in the recent movies, with Ben Affleck’s version of the character.

Say what you will about the movies, I personally thought there were a lot of good points about his version of the Dark Knight, and his almost robotic voice was one of them.

It just made sense that Batman would use some sort of gadget to mask his voice as opposed to just growling.

However, it’s been rumoured that The Batman would be taking place during the 80s in Gotham, so Bruce Wayne might not have developed that sort of tech just yet.

What do you think of this? Do you like the idea of Robert Pattinson’s Batman sounding a bit like Willem Dafoe? I can’t think of anything scarier to be honest.

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