Rick Riordan Leaves 1 Wish On A Tree For Percy Jackson Series

First Look At Percy Jackson Disney Plus Series Revealed

Percy Jackson series has wrapped filming for a while and creator Rick Riordan has 1 wish left on a tree while the project is still in post-production.

Like any new venture, the brains behind the project knows what would be done and how. The rest relies on hope that people will receive the project well. The same could likely be the same for author Riordan in his upcoming television series adaptation of the popular fantasy series Percy Jackson and the Olympians.

Disney Plus has Riordan’s project on schedule for release in 2024. And, the series is likely nearing the last leg of post production. Perhaps for inspiration in his other ongoing literary works, Riordan recently went on a trip to, in the author’s words:

an eventful and fun two weeks in Ireland. Part business, part vacation, the trip took us from Dublin to Cork to the hinterlands of Munster and back again.


Credit: Disney Plus

Visiting the National Gallery of Ireland, featuring various works of art. He then to Cork City which is the Riordan ancestral homestead.

The trip was mainly for an academic conference at University College Cork where he also gained his masters degree in Gaelic literature. He was invited to return to the institution as a guest at the conference.

It is quite charming to note that even though the author is away from work, he shows that his mind is constantly returning to the series in development inspired by Greek mythology. Demigods, the literary series’ fandom, were happy to read that the author left a wish upon a town’s Fairy Tree.

Rick Riordan’s Wish Indicates Percy Jackson Series Potential

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In a recent post on his blog which updates his fans on all things about the author, Rick Riordan practically showed the demigods what he has been up to. And it included a wish he left on the Fairy Tree which read:

Please let the Percy series live up to fans hopes and please our readers.

Only time will tell if the gods of the fairy mounds will answer!

It was in the town of Kinmare that they got to see a ring of standing stones. Such structures were formed during the Neolithic era in various locations in Ireland and no one knows who made these at the time. Quite like the Stonehenge, they were aligned with the movements of the heavenly bodies sun, moon and stars.

This was the place where they encountered the fairy tree that people had attached various wishes throughout the years. These wishes were supposedly pleas for the spirits to answer.

Later on they got to visit Uragh with another circle of stones.

Finally, they spent the last two last days in Dublin working on another project based on his short story entitled My Life as a Child Outlaw with Element Pictures. After laying the episodes out, they are now set to write the script for the pilot.

As the project is still in early development, it still has not studio attached to it nor a distributor. From Greek mythology with Percy Jackson, Riordan will soon delve into Irish mythology with his short story turned to television series.

Percy Jackson Season 2 Is Already Being Written

Credit: Disney Plus

As fans read the post, some find it a relief that the author is mindful of pleasing fan expectations. Naturally, Riordan wants to do good by Percy Jackson. After all, he is the one who created it all.

Inspired by Greek mythology, Riordan initially thought of Percy Jackson through a series of stories he would tell his son when he was young way back in 2002. They began as bedtime stories he would tell his son who was highly interested in the Greek myths. It was his son who suggested him to compile the stories and write them into a novel.

The Disney Plus series is definitely not the first adaptation that his books had. Percy Jackson and the Olympians have had big screen adaptations starring Logan Lerman, Brandon T. Jackson and Alexandra Daddario as the main trio. They portrayed the roles for the 2010 movie that Chris Columbus directed entitled Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief.

The movie had a sequel and the actors returned for Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters that arrived in theaters 2013. The third movie no longer pushed through.

The two movies collectively had the production budget of $185M which had a worldwide box office performance total of $423.9M. Despite the positive financial performance of the franchise, it is no secret that the author did not fully agree or even like the movie adaptations considering the changes which were made particularly the age of the lead characters and ultimately the script.

This time, Riordan has been with the project every step of the way. From development, pre-production, to filming and now post-production. Some are even saying that since he is now able to go on extended trips, it may mean that the series is practically done.

Rick Riordan Has Made A Percy Jackson Wish


Credit: Disney Plus

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The wish that Riordan made for the upcoming Percy Jackson series is also indicative of his positive outlook about the series. He knows his team’s work but he knows there are factors that he cannot control.

Personally, I think it is a great sign that he has this wish. He is humbled by the fact that there is a part of him that thinks the series might not please his readers. Riordan has confidence but he leaves it to the gods, demigods in this case, whether the series would be a hit.

In the end, it truly depends on the viewers.

First Look At Percy Jackson Disney Plus Series Revealed

Credit: The Geeky Waffle

What’s remarkable is that because of that level of humility, fans know that the series has their opinions in mind. Riordan has defended the cast choices for the series and it does seem that the fans are supportive of the decision.

It is only unfortunate that the series would be among the last projects the world will see Lance Reddick. The late John Wick mainstay will be portraying Zeus in the series. People are already looking forward to seeing Walker Scobell as the eponymous demigod Percy Jackson, Leah Jeffries as Annabeth Chase and Aryan Simhadri as Grover Underwood.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians will arrive on Disney Plus in 2024.

What do you think of Rick Riordan’s wish for the Percy Jackson series? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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