Resident Evil Village Will Be Less Horror-Based And More Action-Focused

It’s been revealed that the upcoming Resident Evil 8 video game, called Resident Evil Village, is going to less horror-based and more action-focused.

I loved the last Resident Evil video game. Resident Evil Biohazard was a great video game,

It wasn’t just a great game, it was a great horror game and brought the franchise back to its survival horror roots.

That was probably the main reason why I loved the game so much.

One of the biggest issues I had with the later Resident Evil games was that they kept on getting further and further away from the survival horror genre.

They became action games, and they’re just not as fun as the OG Resident Evil survival horror games.

This news was revealed by Nibel on Twitter, who claimed Village was going to be more “action-orientated”.

Resident Evil Village will be less horror, more action

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Here’s what Nibel wrote in his tweet about the upcoming Resident Evil game:

Resident Evil Village Special Developer Message
– based on the newest version of RE Engine
– bit more action-oriented
– no load times
– takes place years after 7 and you play as Ethan
– new inventory
– 2nd key art revealed

There’s a lot there that I like. I love the fact that this is a continuation from Biohazard.

I also like the idea of playing a game with no load times.

This might end up becoming the norm with the upcoming PS5.

Finally, the RE engine is insanely good, and I can’t wait to see its newest version in action.

What do you make of this news?

Do you like the fact that the upcoming Resident Evil Village game is going to be more action-focused than Biohazard?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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