Who Are The Real Gamblers Among Superheroes?


Many of our comic book heroes are taking things a notch higher (we are talking about both villains and superheroes) as they have now transformed from paper to the gaming screen and even have dedicated slots games. 

This is a fine combination if you love comics with the adrenaline rush of playing online slots via CasinoGap available for GamStop customers.

But one fun fact you may not know is that as well as having a superpower, every superhero featured below has an affiliation with gambling.

If you are excited to know what connection your favourite character has with gambling, you can read on to find out. 

Black Jack


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We begin this list with the famous classic comic character. If you are rolling your eyeballs, well, that’s because he isn’t as popular today as many of the others featured below. He may not show up in a movie anytime soon. However, it is a fun coincidence that he is named after one of the most played casino games of all time (even online): blackjack.

Police Detective Jack Jones was a pretty smart character who is also a blackjack lover, and his story is pretty interesting. Jack was lured into a tiny room by a couple of mobsters and probably left to die. However, he was lucky to have the ace of spades in his pocket. Once he used the card to successfully escape, it became his alter-ego. It seems needless to say that he brought the bad guys to justice in true superhero style. Everything ends pretty well.


Nicholas_Powell_(Earth-616)_from_Amazing_Spider-Man_Vol_5_ chance gambling superheroes

Another super sexy character with a casino-style alter-ego is Roulette, and we can’t deny that she is as loved as the game itself. Roulette, also identified as Veronica Sinclair, is a super-villainess. A badass, as you’d expect, veronica is Golden Age’s granddaughter, who runs a classic casino. 

Roulette enjoys running a casino of sorts herself; however, there is more to the casino. ‘The House’ doubles as an arena to stage fierce fights between the superheroes which her fellow bad guys capture. To make it more fun, the villains place their bets on the result of each superhero fight. Roulette was talented at capturing most of the Justice Society heroes, and she is a fire-brain when it comes to calculating gambling odds and winnings.

The Joker

Mark Hamill As The Joker in Batman: Mask of the Phantasm

Credit: Warner Bros. Animation

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A famous favourite and Batman’s nemesis, the Joker, is a character worthy of mention. He may not exactly be into gambling per se, but his name is the same as that of an iconic playing card icon – the Joker. He is also believed to be the greatest villain of all time in comic book history, designed to be even more legendary in the 2008 hit titled The Dark Knight.

The way the mind of the Joker works and the way he acts could easily be compared to many different casino games, including poker or Roulette, as he’s a very unpredictable character. He also ensures that he commits crimes in the most intriguing ways – for instance, his weapons of choice include Joker Venom and razor-tipped playing cards. The villain also came to be known as the Joker after his face was disfigured, making him look like the intriguing playing card. 


Nicholas_Powell_(Earth-616)_from_Amazing_Spider-Man_Vol_5_ chance gambling superheroes

Another fantastic super-villain and the enemy of Spider-Man, we have a professional gambler in Chance. This character’s alter-ego is Nicholas Powell, and he got the name Chance because of how he loves to leave things to chance. A great risk-taker makes a fantastic gambler sometimes. 

He leveraged his love of gambling to finish every mission in order to get payment –meaning if he ever became unsuccessful, he’d end up losing the bet and need to pay those who had hired him. Chance’s first encounter with Spiderman saw him undertake a double-or-nothing bet to finish off his target and the web spinner.

The Gambler


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Most of the casino-loving characters we’ve featured are villains, and the Gambler is an exception. The first time he appeared was against Green Lantern and was a part of the first Injustice Society’s founding members. He is from a long lineage of gamblers, and his many alter-egos include Stephen Sharpe V and Stephen Sharpe III. 

He decided to adopt his name in memory of his late grandfather and become a big-time criminal mastermind, robbing banks and trains. He also became partners with Amos Fortune, who’s also a gambling-associated character.

Amos Fortune & Royal Flush Gang

gambling superheroes

Amos Fortune was a big fan of luck that his obsession led him to discover the ‘luck glands’, which is believed to indicate the bad and good luck a person possesses. He took things further by creating the Royal Flush Gang, which fought the Justice League.

A reference to the game of poker, the gang consisted of only playing card villains under the titles of King, Queen, Ten and Jack – and Amos Fortune was Ace since he is the leader. The first gang consisted of clubs; the second set-up created by Green Lantern were spades, and slowly the gang expanded to involve all four of the suits.


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