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Read The Beginning Of Stephen King’s Cujo Sequel In New Excerpt


As the dawn breaks over the world of horror literature, a new chill runs down the spine of Stephen King enthusiasts with the announcement of You Like It Darker, a collection of short stories set to be published by Scribner on May 21, 2024. Among the gems in this trove is “Rattlesnakes”, the much-anticipated sequel to King’s 1981 seminal work, Cujo, promising to lead readers down yet another thrilling path of suspense and terror.

Stephen King, a maestro of the macabre, has once again dipped his quill into the inkwell of the arcane to deliver a tome filled with tales that are bound to resonate with his legion of fans. In “Rattlesnakes”, readers will find a grieving widower in Florida grappling with a legacy that is as beguiling as it is burdensome, a narrative that ensures King’s place at the pinnacle of storytelling remains unchallenged.

The Sequel Unveiled


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A Glimpse into “Rattlesnakes”

In this sequel to Cujo, King introduces us to a character ensnared by an unexpected inheritance, one that comes with ‘major strings attached’. This premise alone is enough to ignite the imaginations of readers, hinting at a tale where the psychological depth is as profound as the eerie setting.

The Anticipation Builds

The excerpt of “Rattlesnakes”, now available for readers, offers a tantalising peek into what King has in store. It’s a promise of a story where the familiar dread invoked by Cujo meets a fresh narrative of grief and the unforeseen consequences of new beginnings.

The Collection of Darkness


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Tales From The Dark Side

You Like It Darker will not only house the Cujo sequel but also feature eleven other stories, showcasing King’s range as a storyteller. From the esoteric skills of “Two Talented Bastids” to the chaotic psychic event of “Danny Coughlin’s Bad Dream”, and the uncharted cosmos explored in “The Dreamers”, King proves that his ability to delve into the dark corners of the human psyche remains unmatched​​.

Depth and Diversity in Storytelling

Each story in the collection, as the titles suggest, is an exploration into different facets of darkness. Whether it is the tragedy-laden life in “The Answer Man” or the otherworldly encounters of “The Turbulence Expert”, King’s stories are a testament to the complexity and depth of his craft.

The King of Horror Reigns Supreme



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Stephen King’s Enduring Legacy

Stephen King’s body of work continues to be a benchmark for horror and psychological thrillers. With the release of You Like It Darker, King reaffirms his status as the sovereign of spine-tingling narratives, with each story poised to add to his already impressive legacy.

Why We Crave King’s Darkness

King’s ability to articulate the fears that lurk in our collective subconscious is unparalleled, and this new collection is an embodiment of this talent. The diverse themes and characters promise to engage, horrify, and provoke thought, leaving readers pondering long after the last page is turned.

Final Thoughts on Stephen King’s Cujo sequel


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You Like It Darker stands as a beacon for those who find solace in the shadows of storytelling, where the thrill of the unknown meets the comfort of King’s familiar prose. With the forthcoming release, fans of Cujo and King’s expansive work are on the cusp of experiencing a new facet of fear and fascination.

As the countdown to May 21, 2024, begins, the excitement amongst the readership is palpable. You Like It Darker is not just a book; it’s an invitation to journey through the dark tapestry of Stephen King’s imagination. And for those brave enough to accept, it’s a reminder of why we return, time and again, to the master of the dark, the one who knows just how much we like it darker.

What do you make of this news? Are you going to read this sequel to Stephen King’s Cujo?

You can read the excerpt from the Cujo sequel, Rattlesnakes, over on EW right now.