Reacher Seasons 2 And 3 Set To Film Back To Back


Calling all Reacher fans! We have some more news to share with you regarding Amazon’s Reacher Season 2 (and Season 3 also).

We’ve been covering Reacher for quite some time here on Small Screen.

We previously revealed that Reacher Season 2 will take on Lee Child’s Die Trying Reacher book.

Now, we’ve got some more information for you regarding the new hit Amazon Prime Video series.

According to an inside source, the second and third seasons of Reacher will be filming back to back, which is very exciting.

It basically means that Amazon is really putting its weight behind the series.

We also asked the source about when Reacher Season 2 starts filming, the status of scripts, shooting locations, casting and more!

What’s going on with Reacher Season 2?


Credit: Amazon Prime Video

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So, here’s what our source had to say about Reacher Season 2 and 3:

[Editor’s note: The source wished to remain anonymous]

SMALL SCREEN: When will Reacher Season 2 start filming?

SOURCE: The second season will start filming soon. We’re hoping to start in the summer. The idea at the moment is to film the next two seasons back to back. [Alan] Ritchson is starting to really be in demand, so we wanted to make sure we could fit filming into his busy schedule.

So it does look like the rumours we heard were true.

It seems as though Amazon and Reacher’s production team is trying to shoot both Season 2 and 3 back to back.

That’s great news, especially since they are looking to start shooting this summer.

This lines up with what we previously said and we couldn’t be happier, because this means we can see Reacher Season 2 hit our screens spring or summer of 2023.

What’s happening with the series’ scripts?

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Let’s carry on with what our source had to say about the future of Reacher.

SMALL SCREEN: Are the scripts for season 2 finished yet?

SOURCE: Amazon, Nick Santora and Lee Child have been very excited about the scripts and we’re just raring to go! I think the fans of the books and the show are going to love what they’ve been cooking up!

SMALL SCREEN: Where will Season 2 be filming? Any cool locations outside of Canada?

SOURCE: The second will be filmed largely in Canada and filming is scheduled to start in the summer. However, the next seasons will be a bit more adventurous and bigger in scale, so we might be shooting outside of Canada for some scenes, but I can’t give you any more information about that at the moment.

Where will Reacher Seasons 2 and 3 be filmed?

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Interesting. Will the scenes outside of Canada have to do with flashbacks, other characters, or just familiar landmarks throughout the US?

Since they’re adapting Die Trying (check out our previous video and article on those details), we bet you’ll see some official government buildings and landmarks and probably the White House.

Especially since one of the main characters is the God Daughter of a US President.

(And yes, she’s the daughter of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff as well.)

SMALL SCREEN: How’s casting on S2 going?

SOURCE: We’ve cast a really wide net for the next seasons. Season 2 casting had been underway for quite some time and we’ve seen a lot of people. We’re almost done, I think. But we’ve still got some tough decisions to make. There has been a lot of great talent, but we’ve got to make sure we cast the perfect actors! We did such a great job with the first season. We need to keep that up and making sure we’ve got the right people for the roles is a vital part of making any show! I think it’s even more vital for Reacher because of the books’ huge following. We can’t get it wrong, so we’re being extra careful.

It sounds like they’re almost ready to finalize everything before production starts, which is great. We’ve followed up on some questions, most notable if Negley will return. As soon as we get that info you’ll see it here first.

Is Reacher Season 3 actually happening?


Credit: Prime Video

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SMALL SCREEN: Will there be more seasons after S2?

SOURCE: We’re working on the notion that season 3 will happen. It’s looking like the third season will start filming straight after season 2. That’s not 100% yet, but Amazon seems keen to get the ball rolling on that one. The show was a breakout hit for them and they want to pounce on this opportunity.

This makes sense as they want to keep the hype focused on Reacher Season 2, but, when production starts on season 2 expect an official announcement about Season 3 being greenlit.

Especially since it seems like they will be filming Reacher Season 3 immediately after they wrap on Season 2.

It sounds like season 3 being on the books is all said and done, except the paperwork.

SMALL SCREEN” Will Lee make another cameo in season 2?

SOURCE: Definitely! He wouldn’t let them make the show unless he got to cameo in every season! I joke. But, yes. The idea is to have him turn up in another season.

We love hearing that! A Lee Child cameo in every season is definitely the way to go and maybe he’s Amazon’s lucky charm?

Well, there you have it.

The straight facts from our sources inside Reacher’s production.

We’ll be following up shortly with more information as we get it so stick with us here at Small Screen for the latest information on all things Reacher-related.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments as we do read all of them.


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