Rahul Kohli Claims He’s Not Playing Ezra Bridger In The Mandalorian

Rahul Kohli took to Twitter today to tell fans that he’s not actually going to be playing Ezra Bridger in The Mandalorian.

This all started after Kohli posted a rather cryptic tweet which got the Star Wars fandom going.

He tweeted this:

I’ve gotten into that Lothal orphan, force sensitive, trained by Kanan Jarrus kind of shape. For no particular reason.

This then got Star Wars Rebels and The Mandalorian fans very excited.

People thought this cryptic tweet meant that Kohli was going to be playing Ezra Bridger, possibly in The Mandalorian.

Fans have been dying to see Ezra in live-action and there have been many rumours that he might be involved in The Mandalorian Season 2 somehow.

This might be due to the rumours that Sabine Wren could be in the show.

People think that Sasha Banks might be playing her in live-action.

She would be a good fit for the role, and she does look Sabine-esc in the trailer.

Rahul Kohli won’t be playing Ezra Bridger in The Mandalorian… he says…


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Anyway, Kohli’s Twitter must have blown up after that tweet and he then posted a video in which he apologised to the fans.

He said the following:

I was kidding. Honestly. Big shout out to the Star Wars fandom, I’m a part of it. I’m not playing Ezra Bridger at all. I was just goofing around. It’s a fan casting. I’d absolutely love to play that character. I’m a bit fan of [Star Wars] Rebels. But, yeah. I’m sorry for any hearts broken. I was just goofing around.

So, it sounds like we might have to wait a while longer until we get our live-action Ezra Bridger.

But, it has to happen one day!

What do you make of this news?

Do you think Rahul Kohli was just goofing around or do you think it’s a double bluff and he really is going to be playing Ezra Bridger in The Mandalorian?

Let me know your thoughts on this in the comments below.

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