Predator 2 Director Reveals Steven Seagal Was Desperate To Star In The Movie

Predator 2’s director, Stephen Hopkins, revealed in a recent interview that Steven Seagal was desperate to star in the movie. He revealed this during a recent interview on Howard Gorman’s YouTube channel.

The film’s director, Hopkins, revealed during the interview that Steven Seagal was really desperate to star in Predator 2. However, Hopkins ended up going to have a meeting with him in order to convince the actor not to do the film.

Hopkins thought that having Seagal in the movie would be “too cheesy”, and he also added that he isn’t a fan of Steven Seagal’s, and that he was completely wrong for the role and for the movie.

Steven Seagal was desperate to star in Predator 2, but the director didn’t want him

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Here’s what the director, Stephen Hopkins had to say about almost having to have Steven Seagal star in Predator 2:

Steven Seagal was on board, and I had to go have a meeting with him at his house, which was one of the craziest afternoons I’ve had, sort of to talk him out of doing it. It was a bizarre, he’s a very unusual, slightly twisted kind of guy, and in the end I couldn’t see myself doing it with him. It didn’t feel right. He wasn’t the kind of hero, I thought it would just turn into a cheesy, you know, it’s got plenty of cheese now, but it’s a kind of cool cheese, I think, as opposed to uncool cheese.

What do you make of this news? Do you think that Predator 2 would have been better with Steven Seagal in the movie? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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