Paul Bettany Seemingly Confirms He’s The Secret Cameo In WandaVision’s Finale

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It seems as though the proverbial cat’s out of the bag as Paul Bettany seemingly reveals that he is the secret cameo in WandaVision’s finale.

He revealed this whilst on a recent episode of Good Morning America, and I kind of predicted this would be the case a few days ago.

I started to wonder whether Paul Bettany was trolling the Marvel fans by teasing scenes with an actor he’s longed to work with his whole life.

People were saying that it might be Sir Ian McKellen (he’s already worked with him), Sir Patrick Stewart or Al Pacino.

Well, it looks like Bettany fooled all of us as he seemingly confirmed that the actor he was referring to was himself. Oh! They hubris of the male actor!

Did Paul Bettany confirm he is the secret cameo in WandaVision?

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Here’s what Paul Bettany had to say on the matter:

Yeah. You know when you think something’s going to be funny and you say it and then you actually panic about it, which is what I did because fans started guessing who it might be, and they were guessing people like Benedict Cumberbatch or Patrick Stewart, and I was thinking, “My God that’s a good idea”, and they’re going to be so disappointed when they find out it was me.

He was then asked if he’s just double bluffing everyone and that there actually is a secret cameo in the finale.

Well, you know, I’d love to answer that question, but my server keeps gli…

He then pretended that his internet froze in what was a pretty amusing gag.

What do you make of this news? Do you truly believe that Paul Bettany has been trolling us this whole time, or is this a double bluff?

Do you think Paul Bettany is the secret cameo in WandaVision’s finale?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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