How To Keep Your Writings Safe Online? These Are The Best Ways

Online safety is very crucial, especially with the internet full of bugs ready to attack in an opportune time.

You have worked hard and losing your work to a computer malware can frustrate you.

Rogue links, infected ads, and computer viruses are out here on the internet to derail your work.

You need to find a solution to this issue before it costs you more to fix it.

The tips below will help you keep writings safe online and still seek the information safely.

Creating strong passwords for your account 


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The internet is full of professional hackers who can guess your passwords within seconds, exposing your accounts to high risks.

They gain access to your financial and private accounts and expose your details to fraudsters.

Create long and complex passwords that include each character on your keyboard.

You make it hard for hackers to crack your password and you relieve yourself from the stress of losing writings.

Come up with different passwords for your writing accounts and those for logging into the internet to research.

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Encrypting your connections


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Writing takes you places and you would want to go out to the park and breathe in some fresh air as you try to get creative. It is common for you to use public Wi-Fi, which is safe if you use a VPN and dangerous when connecting to it without.

Encryption helps to protect your stored or transmitted data over a network. You only have to download a valid VPN program from the app store and confirm its configuration. Avoid getting to your private details even when using VPN’s on public networks.

Opting for two-factor authentication


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Apart from creating strong passwords, you can use two-factor authentication to secure the safe.

You will have to provide your contact details alongside the password to set it up on your device.

It is an added layer of security that curbs digital crime, assuring you of having secure documents on the internet.

They work best where passwords fail after being vulnerable to internet hijackers.

Always opt for providing two extra contact details, your mobile phone number and email address, which you can access with ease for confirmation codes.

Using private Wi-Fi                            

As a writer, you want to avoid unnecessary drama in your life, especially one that puts your work on the line.

Make private Wi-Fi your best friend and ensure security on public Wi-Fi to keep you away from hackers trying to invade your online privacy.

You can set up your hotspot using your mobile phone or tether from another private device.

It is worth your efficiency, time, and money, getting an extra hotspot device rather than losing weeks or years of writing work.

Your life will be stress-free and you will now focus on having a keen eye on links you receive.

Using different web browsers for particular tasks

It is time you to your game, outdo these internet hijackers using the divide and conquer mechanism.

It helps you separate information based on priority and it is the perfect way to save some of your writings.

Use one web browser for your social media accounts and try securing the accounts with unique and complex passwords.

Pick on one for carrying out your research and this will help you keep your private accounts from malware attacks.

You will also need to protect your accounts using antivirus software to boost the firewall around your online writings.

Secure your offline data

All your data is safer when your systems update is up to date rather than continue using the old version.

It exposes your writing documents malware that can attack with ease.

No sooner your accounts get hacked, you should set your spare hard drive ready for action.

Start transferring all your recovered documents to keep them safe.

It is better to lose some articles rather than lose all your work.


Safety is important in everyday aspects and when dealing with the internet, it is crucial to take note of everything you do.

Starting from the websites you link up with to how you ensure the safety of your accounts.

It is so depressing to lose your works of writing because of an account hijack.

Use the tips above to guide you in ways of protecting your writings online.

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