Brooklyn Nine-Nine Is Not Dead! It’s Been Saved By NBC

Brooklyn Nine-Nine didn’t stay cancelled for long thanks to NBC who officially picked up the series from FOX. It’s safe to say that the people were heard.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine fans, it’s time to celebrate! We all got a bit scared for a minute there. FOX had cancelled their fantastic sitcom, and there was outrage online. Fans the world over took to social media to voice their anger at FOX cancelling one of their best shows, and one which champions diversity and LGBT characters. Interestingly enough, FOX also cancelled Lucifer which was another show which had an abundance of LBGT characters. ‘Noice’ going FOX. Anyway, a show as good a Brooklyn Nine-Nine couldn’t remain cancelled for that long. There were reports that Netflix and Hulu were interested in picking up the show. However, it was NBC who stepped in to save the day.

Brooklyn Nine Nine

Image via @FOX

The TV network announced that they’d be picking up the show from FOX after talks between NBC and Hulu broke down. Universal already own the show, yet it was being aired on FOX, so it wouldn’t be a stretch for them to air it on NBC. It remains to be seen whether they end up doing a deal with a streaming service like Netflix for the show, much like they did with The Good Place and CBS did with Star Trek: Discovery. Brooklyn Nine-Nine seasons 1 to 4 are already all available on Netflix, and I’m pretty sure that most people watch it there, so that would be a no-brainer in my books, but you can never really predict these things. A few days ago, who would have thought that FOX was going to cancel the show in the first place? Not me, that’s for sure.

Anyway, Brooklyn Nine-Nine survives to air another season. There’s no news on when the season will air, but I would imagine it’ll be sometime next year.

What do you think? Are you as pleased as I am that Brooklyn Nine-Nine has been saved? Let us know in the comments below.

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