Old School TV Shows You Should Watch In Case Of Another Lockdown

In case of another lockdown or quarantine situation, we all need to be fully equipped with some pretty great TV shows to get us through.

I personally believe that the old school shows are oldies but goodies. They’re perfect for reminiscing during lockdown, but also these tv shows are much slower-paced, with many seasons ready and waiting for your consumption.

These classic shows are not only rewatchable, but they differ to the shows being produced today in form and characters.

Many of them were made in a different era, and the problems the characters face, of course, differ from show to show.

Here are the shows I’ll be watching in case of another lockdown:

Gilmore Girls (2000)


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This classic show follows Lorelai, a young mother whose raising her teenage daughter Rory, alone in a small town in Connecticut.

The show follows their ups and downs in love and in life, on Rory’s road to getting into Harvard University. Lorelai on the other hand guides Rory while facing her estranged high society parents, and the colourful characters living in Stars Hollow.

This is a great show which explores the themes of education, romance, ambition and so much more.

Gilmore Girls is a quirky, autumnal joy to watch.

It’s a show which will remind you to embrace coffee, snow and facing your dreams head-on.

Once you’ve finished its 7 seasons, you can catch the newest season ‘‘A Year in the Life’’ on Netflix.

Editor’s Note: I really did not enjoy the new Gilmore Girls season on Netflix… sorry…

Dawson’s Creek (1998)


You don’t wanna wait.

Join Dawson and his friends Pacey, Joey and Jen and their small-town dramas.

Based in the coastal town of Capeside, Massachusetts, you have 6 seasons to follow this group of teens and their troubled young lives as they navigate high school, love, family and later, college.

A very emotive but old school show here with Dawson, who is a young dreamer, hoping to be the new Steven Spielberg, sporting videotapes and super baggy 90’s attire.

This show managed to change teen soaps for good in its hay day, with a shocking love triangle debut that fans still discuss to this day.

With a 20-year legacy, Dawson’s Creek launched the successful careers of Katie Holmes (Joey Potter), James Van Der Beek (Dawson Leery), Michelle Williams (Jen Lindley) and dreamy Joshua Jackson (Pacey Witter.)

Daria (1997)


This adult animated cartoon based on a pessimistic teen by the name of ‘Daria’, debuted in 1997 and ran until 2002.

The show was initially a spin-off of Beavis and Butt-Head, a show where Daria had previously appeared.

5 seasons later, Daria Morgendorffer became an icon.

She is a super-smart, cynical teen who fights with her sister and is highly intrigued by the world around her.

Based in Lawndale, Daria navigates high school along with her best friend Jane who is an artist as they battle high schools’ allusions, her family and several conflicting characters.

Editor’s Note: Forget The Simpsons and Family Guy, Daria is the best animated TV show ever.

ER (1994)


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This medical drama with a total of 15 seasons, will leave you on the edge of your seat after every episode.

Let’s call it the less appreciated sibling of Grey’s Anatomy.

It follows the love, lives and losses experienced by emergency room doctors at Chicago’s County General Hospital.

Each episode chronicles a full day in the hospital from the borings stuff that matters to heart-rendering full-blown action.

Of course, it’s based in a stressful environment, so as a viewer stress is what you get.

From paediatrician appointments to surgeries, to cancer, this show is sure to satisfy your need for action.

Mad About You (1992)


You have 8 seasons of this comedy to catch up on, so do it fast.

Based on the lives of newlywed couple filmmaker Paul (Paul Reiser) and his wife Jamie (Helen Hunt), a public relations specialist, the show centres New York as its backdrop where the couple reside in a downtown apartment, and their ordinary but hilarious lives.

We watch them bicker, makeup, and deal with each other’s friends and family with perfectly written episodes, sure to entertain and make you ask where this show has been all your life.

Charmed (1998)

Charmed Old School TV Shows Lockdown 1

Based on the paranormal lives of three sisters, this supernatural drama follows the Charmed ones, three witches destined to save innocent lives using their diverse magical powers.

They constantly protect the human world from intrusions from demons and warlocks, while attempting to live relatively normal lives in modern-day San Francisco.

With 8 seasons in the discography, and starring the amazing Shannon Doherty, Alyssa Milano, Holly Marie-Combs and Rose McGowan, the show will have you glued to your seat.

Brothers and Sisters (2006)

Brothers And Sisters Old School TV Shows Lockdown

This family drama is indeed just that – dramatic!

Following the lives of the Walker family, headed by Nora (Sally Field), Brothers and Sisters deals with the secrets which are unearthed when the families father William Walker dies.

There are many political storylines, as well as romantic plotlines, but overall this show deals with family resolution.

There are 5 seasons waiting to be devoured and many conflicts to be resolved.

Frasier (1993)

Frasier Old School TV Shows Lockdown

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Starring Kelsey Grammar, this sitcom follows psychiatrist Frasier Crane for 11 seasons as he goes back home to Seattle to become a radio host.

He gives advice on air and attempts to regain his connection with his brother and father.

The show was critically acclaimed, winning 37 Emmy awards during its stretch.

Frasier traverses through his life attempting to please and deal with his conceited brother, his co-workers and his friends.

Editor’s Note: Frasier is one of my favourite TV shows of all time and I will be rewatching it again regardless of another lockdown.

The OC (2003)


Created by Josh Schwartz, the O.C centres on Orange County, California, an area known to be filled with wealthy families.

The show focuses on character Ryan Atwood, a young troubled teen who comes from a broken home in Chino, who is then adopted by Kirsten and Sandy Cohen.

Here, Ryan meets his stepbrother Seth who introduces him to the elite world of Newport, and where Ryan meets Marissa.

The rest is absolute history.

With 4 seasons to watch, you’re bound to realise quickly why this show was a pop culture phenomenon.

Enjoy Chrismukahh and first kisses, cos it’s worth it.

Editor’s Note: The O.C. is a must-rewatch TV show every Christmas time, so just watch it even if we don’t go into another lockdown.

What do you make of this feature?

Are there any old school TV shows that you should watch during another lockdown that you think we’ve missed?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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