No Spider-Man 3 Trailer Released Yesterday – Fans Angry

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There were some rumours online that Spider-Man 3’s (Spider-Man: No Way Home) trailer was going to be released yesterday.

Well, yesterday came and went and Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios didn’t release the film’s trailer.

OK, so, first off, why did fans think they were going to release Spider-Man 3’s trailer yesterday?

It’s because yesterday was Tom Holland’s birthday and people thought it would be cool for Sony and Marvel to celebrate that fact by releasing the movie’s trailer.

The truth is that Spider-Man: No Way Home’s trailer still isn’t ready, and that’s to be expected.

The film only really just wrapped production.

Tom Holland revealed that the film wrapped filming back in March, and they’ll be hard at work on post-production right now.

Fans are pissed that Spider-Man 3’s trailer wasn’t released yesterday

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Also, they’ll want to keep interest in the next Sony and Marvel movies high.

Releasing a Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer might draw attention away from films such as Venom: Let There Be Carnage, Eternals, Black Widow and Shiang Chi And The Legend Of The Ten Rings.

But, this hasn’t stopped fans from being upset by the fact that Spider-Man 3’s trailer wasn’t released.

I was a bit skeptical that Sony was going to release the film’s trailer yesterday.

As I mentioned earlier, it was just too early and would be detrimental to their other films they have coming out pretty soon.

What do you make of this news?

Were you upset by the fact that Sony Pictures didn’t release Spider-Man 3’s trailer yesterday?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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