Mare Of Easttown’s Finale Caused HBO Max To Crash


Mare Of Easttown’s finale aired last Sunday and it’s been revealed that it ended up breaking HBO Max for a number of users.

This means that so many people were signing in to watch the finale of the HBO show that the streaming platform ended up going down for a short while.

Mare Of Easttown has easily been one of the most impressive shows I’ve watched all year.

It would be a hard show to beat come the end of 2021 when we do our best of 2021 list.

Kate Winslet both stars in and produced the show.

She recently revealed that she told the show’s director, Craig Zobel, not to edit out her belly in her sex scene in the limited series.

HBO Max crashed thanks to Mare Of Easttown

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Many HBO Max users took to Twitter to reveal that the streaming service had crashed for them whilst trying to watch Mare Of Easttown.

It was interesting to see the fans react to HBO Max being down due to so many people trying to watch the same thing at once.

It seems as though the streaming platform was down for 25 minutes after the finale was made available to watch.

As for Mare Of Easttown Season 2, as it stands it’s not happening.

This show was always meant to be a limited series that would only run for one season.

The show’s been told and there’s not much else to tell.

What do you make of this news?

Were you one of the people who were trying to watch Mare Of Easttown on HBO Max and couldn’t?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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