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The Nicolas Cage Serial Killer Horror Movie Has New Cryptic Posters


In a fascinating turn of events that seems to have horror aficionados on the edge of their seats, the upcoming film Longlegs, featuring the enigmatic Nicolas Cage in a role that pits him as a disturbing serial killer, has unveiled a series of cryptic posters (via Collider). Directed by Oz Perkins, known for his unique oppressive atmospheric horror films, Longlegs is taking a sinister approach to its marketing, teasing a narrative that’s bound to be as compelling as it is terrifying. With a release slated for 2024, these posters offer a glimpse into what promises to be a chilling experience, blending Cage’s unparalleled acting prowess with Perkins’s masterful direction.

Unveiling Longlegs Through Cryptic Imagery


Credit: NEON

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The Sinister Marketing Approach

Longlegs has taken a markedly sinister route with its marketing, as evidenced by the latest series of posters. Shared on Neon’s social media, these images do not shy away from evoking a deep sense of dread, showcasing scenes that hint at the movie’s dark themes without revealing too much. From a young girl in front of a snow-covered house to a pile of dead bodies and a dead nun with a smashed head, each poster is a puzzle piece to the movie’s horrifying narrative.

A Glimpse into the Horror

Each poster carries a story, a fragment of the terror that “Longlegs” promises to deliver. Whether it’s the mention of a family tragedy without signs of forced entry or the haunting image of a woman inflicting pain upon herself, the posters are a testament to the film’s commitment to exploring the depths of horror. Notably, the absence of Cage or his co-star Maika Monroe from these visuals only adds to the mystery, focusing instead on the gruesome work of Cage’s character.

The Talent Behind The Terror


Credit: NEON

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Nicolas Cage – A Genre Icon

Nicolas Cage, with a filmography that spans various genres, has in recent years become synonymous with uniquely captivating horror movies. Longlegs seems set to continue this trend, with Cage taking on a role that is sure to showcase his versatility and depth as an actor. His portrayal of a serial killer in Perkins’s dark universe is highly anticipated by fans and critics alike.

Oz Perkins – Crafting Atmospheric Horror

Oz Perkins, the creative mind behind Longlegs, brings with him a legacy of horror, being the son of Anthony Perkins of “Psycho” fame. Known for creating films that linger long after the credits roll, Perkins’s direction promises to make “Longlegs” a deeply atmospheric and unsettling experience. His storytelling prowess, combined with Cage’s performance, is a recipe for a horror classic in the making.

Anticipation Builds for Longlegs


Credit: NEON

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The Release Date Buzz

While Longlegs does not yet have a specific release date, its expected arrival in theatres in 2024 has already generated significant buzz. The combination of Cage’s return to horror, Perkins’s unique directorial style, and the film’s cryptic marketing has set the stage for what could be one of the most talked-about horror movies of the year.

Horror Fans’ High Expectations

The anticipation for Longlegs is palpable among horror enthusiasts. The film’s promise of delivering a chilling narrative, bolstered by strong performances and innovative direction, has positioned it as a must-watch. As details continue to emerge, the horror community is keenly watching, ready to embrace this new addition to the genre.

Final Thoughts on this Nicolas Cage serial killer movie


Credit: NEON

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Longlegs, with its cryptic posters and haunting promises, is shaping up to be a significant entry in the horror genre. Nicolas Cage’s involvement in a project that delves into the macabre under Oz Perkins’s direction is a tantalizing prospect for fans of psychological thrillers and serial killer narratives. As 2024 approaches, the anticipation for this film will undoubtedly continue to grow, promising audiences a journey into the depths of horror that will be both unforgettable and unnervingly sinister.

What do you make of this news? Are you looking forward to watching Nicolas Cage in the upcoming serial killer movie, Longlegs? We’d love to hear from you.

There’s no release date for Longlegs yet, but it’ll be creeping its way to theatres sometime in 2024.