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A New John Carter Project Is In The Works After Disney Gives The Rights Back


Disney’s return of the John Carter rights has sparked a flurry of excitement and speculation, with new projects potentially in the pipeline.

This move (revealed by an exclusive article over at FandomWire) comes after the character’s long hiatus following the infamous box-office flop of the 2012 film.

The Legacy of John Carter: From Literary Icon to Cinematic Flop


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John Carter has journeyed from being a seminal figure in science fiction literature to starring in one of Hollywood’s most notorious flops, marking a tumultuous relationship with the silver screen.

Disney’s Big Bet and Bigger Loss

Disney’s ambitious John Carter movie, which cost a whopping $350 million, ended in financial disaster, leading to significant changes within the company and eventually the reversion of rights to Edgar Rice Burroughs Inc.

The Potential of a John Carter Revival

The resurgence of interest in John Carter might be influenced by the success of similar sci-fi epics, suggesting that the character’s revival could align with a renewed appetite for interplanetary adventure stories.

Gaming Over Cinema: A Safer Bet for John Carter?


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Insiders hint that a John Carter video game could be a less risky venture than another film, leveraging the immersive potential of modern gaming to explore the rich universe of Barsoom.

The Ripple Effects of John Carter’s Comeback

The speculation surrounding the new John Carter project has implications beyond the entertainment industry, potentially impacting how classic sci-fi properties are adapted in the future.

Final Thoughts on what could be A New Chapter for John Carter


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The anticipation builds as fans and industry insiders alike await the official announcement of the new John Carter project, marking a potential turning point in the character’s storied legacy.

The return of John Carter to the creative landscape symbolizes a chance for redemption and a new era for one of science fiction’s most enduring characters, promising exciting developments in the years to come.

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You can stream John Carter on Disney Plus right now.