Netflix’s Sandman Series Is Ready To Go According To Neil Gaiman

It’s been revealed by Neil Gaiman that Netflix’s Sandman series is pretty much ready to go as soon as this Coronavirus pandemic is over.

Author Neil Gaiman revealed this news via his Tumblr page.

I know. It’s a pretty strange place to be revealing anything these days.

I didn’t think anybody still used Tumblr. Apparently Neil Gaiman does.

The author and comic book writer was asked by a fan when Netflix’s Sandman series would be ready.

Surprisingly enough, Gaiman issued a response and revealed that it was all ready to go.

Netflix is ready to get going on the Sandman series

Seems like Sandman is coming to Netflix pretty soon

Seems like Sandman is coming to Netflix pretty soon – Credit: Vertigo Comics

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Here’s what he said about the upcoming Netflix Sandman series:

It’s going really well, except it’s kind of hibernating right now until people start making TV again. The scripts for the first season are written, casting had started, directors hired, sets were being built. Everything was ready to go into production, and then we moved into a pause. As soon as the world is ready to make TV drama, Sandman will move smoothly back into being made. In the meantime, we are taking the opportunity to get the scripts as good as we can.

It sounds like the Sandman series is a lot further along than I realised it was.

That’s great news if you ask me. I’m a huge fan of the comics and wanted to see this TV adaptation for quite some time now.

What do you make of this news?

Are you looking forward to Netflix’s upcoming Sandman series?

Let us know in the comments below.

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