People Are Loving The Green Hornet As It Ends Up On Netflix’s Top 10 Most-Watched List

It seems as though people are really enjoying watching The Green Hornet on Netflix in the US as it’s now in their top ten most-watched list.

Before going any further, I have to make it clear that this is only in the US.

The Green Hornet is not available over here in the UK.

But, in the US, The Green Hornet currently occupies the number 10 spot on their most-watched list.

This is pretty impressive considering The Green Hornet came out back in 2011 and wasn’t reviewed very well.

On Metacritic the film has a score of 39 out of 100, based on 39 critics, indicating “generally unfavourable reviews”.

So, it’s safe to say that it wasn’t one of the runaway successes of that year.

The Green Hornet is doing pretty well on Netflix

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That said, the movie still achieved a CinemaScore rating of B+ in the US, which isn’t terrible.

However, it ended up losing money at the box office and we’ve never seen a sequel.

The movie starred Seth Rogen as Britt Reid, and Jay Chou as Kato.

The film’s cast also included the likes of Christophe Waltz, Cameron Diaz and David Harbour (pre-Stranger Things fame).

It was directed by Michel Gondry, which was a rather interesting choice because he was more well-known for his stranger movies.

Gondry directed movies such as Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind, The Science of Sleep and Human Nature.

He also made Be Kind Rewind just before this film, so he had some experience in directing comedies.

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