Netflix Eyeing David Fincher For US Squid Game


Weeks after we posted that Netflix has plans to make an American version of Squid Game, developing rumour says they want David Fincher to helm the series. The same source said that the US Squid Game is truly happening and the streaming giant even has a Love, Death and Robots episode director and series executive producer in mind to handle the phenomenal series that captured the world amidst the global pandemic.

Everyone who has ever had any access to Netflix or at least any social media back in 2021 knew of Squid Game. The Korean survival action, drama that taught the world how to play Red Light and Green Light, and even cleanly break off an image from a dalgona cookie.

I won’t forget how parties all around the world for children or children-at-heart would include the dalgona challenge in their program. Many people also chose to be the Pink Guards during Halloween that year. And I also got to see some Cafes from different countries adopting the Korean series as its overall theme.

It goes without saying that people of different cultures from different countries related to the drama. Moreover, they saw that the premise was something not exactly unlikely during these times.

Of course, the explosive reach of the drama naturally led to the order for a second season as well as other projects branching from it. Netflix was also reported to be developing a reality show inspired by the series minus the ‘ultimate sacrifice’ the players have to make to win the games.

In our previous report, drama creator, writer and director Hwang Dong-hyuk has actually laid out the foundation for the international spin-offs. In the interview with Deadline, he said:

I wrote the script in a way to hint that the Squid Game was happening in other parts of the world.

David Fincher Is Whom Netflix Wants to Direct US Squid Game

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Once more, according to Jeff Sneider, from the latest episode of The Hot Mic with John Rocha, confirms that the US Squid Game is truly happening. His sources have relayed strong possibilities that it is true. While he said that it is a rumour, he is emphasizing that it truly will happen. He said:

that project is very real. There is in fact an American remake of Squid Game in the works and that Netflix has someone in mind.

…A psychological thriller, Netflix’s biggest property…

Who is Netflix’s biggest filmmaker who just so happens to be amazing at psychological thrillers?

I am told that Netflix is courting one David Fincher!

I don’t know whether he is interested in this property or is engaging with Netflix, but that’s what I’m told by 2 very good sources.

One can already imagine the pitch for Squid Game branching out into different projects, from the original drama’s second season, to a reality show, and then to versions of the show based in different countries, starting with the US version.

David Fincher is the executive producer of Netflix’s Love, Death and Robots. Furthermore, he directed one of the third season’s episodes, Bad Travelling. It was actually one of the episodes we enjoyed the most. The part where the Captain had his crew vote, first for the weakest among them and then the Island decision. It was a play on people’s tendencies during difficult situations.

If something like that is an example of what people can expect from a US Squid Game, then we say bring on the suspense, drama, action and thrill of it all!

Netflix Might Get David Fincher For US Squid Game

Netflix Eyeing David Fincher For US Squid Game

Credit: Netflix

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Still, there is the hope that they will be able to adapt the series into the US Squid Game while keeping the original premise intact. People at their last threads of hope or maybe holding on to what is left could make them do things they couldn’t even imagine before.

Also, the over-encompassing organization of all these games from all over the world. Are they going to feature that as well? The original drama series has yet to begin production for its sequel. Picking up where that left off, the lead character Seong Gi-hun portrayed by Lee Jung-jae had a mission to reveal it all to the world.

Would they pick up that storyline and let it affect the US version?

What do you think of Netflix eyeing David Fincher for US Squid Game? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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