NBC Cancels A Sci-Fi Show With A Huge Fan Following


In a surprising turn of events, NBC has announced the cancellation of its much-loved sci-fi series, La Brea. This decision comes as a shock to the show’s substantial fan following, who have been ardently supporting the series since its inception. La Brea, known for its intriguing plot and compelling characters, has been a staple in NBC’s sci-fi lineup, making this cancellation a significant moment in the network’s history.

The series, which debuted with a fascinating premise involving a massive sinkhole in Los Angeles, quickly captivated viewers with its blend of mystery, drama, and science fiction. Despite its popularity and the loyalty of its audience, NBC has decided to conclude La Brea with its upcoming third season. This article delves into the reasons behind this unexpected cancellation and the reactions from the show’s dedicated fanbase.

The Journey of La Brea


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La Brea first aired on NBC, introducing viewers to a unique sci-fi world where a group of people find themselves trapped in a primeval land after falling through a mysterious sinkhole. The show’s blend of suspense, adventure, and family drama set it apart from other sci-fi series, earning it a special place among NBC’s offerings.

Critical Reception and Fanbase Growth

Initially met with mixed reviews, La Brea quickly gained a solid fanbase, thanks to its intriguing storyline and strong character development. The show’s ability to blend sci-fi elements with relatable human experiences resonated with viewers, leading to a growing community of fans eagerly awaiting each new episode.

Impact on NBC’s Sci-Fi Portfolio

La Brea has been a significant part of NBC’s sci-fi portfolio, contributing to the network’s reputation for producing quality science fiction content. Its cancellation leaves a noticeable gap in NBC’s lineup, raising questions about the future direction of the network’s sci-fi series.

Behind the Cancellation of La Brea


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Despite its popularity, La Brea faced challenges that ultimately led to its cancellation. The decision to end the series after its third season was influenced by several factors, including production costs and strategic shifts within NBC.

Production Challenges and Costs

Producing a high-quality sci-fi series like La Brea involves significant costs, particularly in terms of special effects and location shooting. These factors, combined with the current economic climate, may have contributed to NBC’s decision to cancel the show.

Strategic Shifts at NBC

NBC’s programming strategy has been evolving, with a focus on diversifying its content offerings. The cancellation of La Brea might be part of this broader strategy, as the network seeks to explore new genres and formats.

Fan Reactions and the Future of Sci-Fi on NBC


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The news of La Brea’s cancellation has been met with disappointment and frustration from its loyal fanbase. Fans have taken to social media to express their sadness and to campaign for the show’s continuation or revival on another platform.

Social Media Campaigns and Petitions

Dedicated viewers have started online petitions and social media campaigns, hoping to persuade NBC or other networks to save La Brea. These efforts highlight the strong connection fans have with the series and their desire to see more of its unique story.

What’s Next for NBC’s Sci-Fi Lineup?

With La Brea coming to an end, questions arise about the future of sci-fi programming on NBC. Fans and industry analysts will be watching closely to see how the network fills the void left by the show’s cancellation and what new sci-fi projects may be in the pipeline.

Final Thoughts on NBC Cancelling the sci-fi series, La Brea


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The cancellation of La Brea marks the end of an era for NBC’s sci-fi series. While the decision has been met with disappointment, it also opens the door for new and innovative sci-fi projects on the network. As fans bid farewell to La Brea, they can look forward to the next chapter in NBC’s sci-fi legacy, hopeful for more captivating stories that push the boundaries of imagination.

The legacy of La Brea will live on in the hearts of its fans and in the annals of sci-fi television history. Its impact on NBC’s programming and its contribution to the sci-fi genre will not be forgotten, serving as a testament to the power of creative storytelling and the enduring appeal of science fiction.

What do you make of this news? Are you upset to hear that La Brea has been cancelled by NBC?

You can watch the final season of La Brea on NBC.