National Cinema Day Is Tomorrow In The US With $3 Tickets


Tomorrow, it’s National Cinema Day in the US and in the UK! On Saturday, September 3rd, cinema audiences in the United Kingdom and the United States will receive a welcome cut price cinema deal as the nation’s cinema bodies work together to increase attendance and celebrate the world of cinema.

Exhibitors including AMC, Regal in the US and other members of the National Association of Theatre Owners in the US will offer tickets for just $3. In the UK, large companies such as Cineworld, VUE, Odeon, Showcase and a stream of independents including smaller chains such as Empire will offer tickets for £3 as well. Tickets in Ireland at venues such as Arc, Vue, and Reel will also cost just €4.

National Cinema Day is happening tomorrow!


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Whilst films are certainly lacking as the slate slows down until the winter period, the chance to catch summer releases such as Bullet Train, family-friendly films such as Minions: Rise of Gru, or the new improved Spider-Man No Way Home re-release will entice many. In the US this weekend is Labor Day and often a poor set of days for the box office, and they’ll be hoping this deal combats the previous history for the weekend. It’s the first time this has happened in the US, but the UK is no stranger to ‘National Cinema Day’.

In 1996 and 1997 National Cinema Day offered tickets for just £1 and then the day was never seen again. Other countries in Europe have continued to offer similar annual events such as France and Spain. For £3 a ticket, I donthink ’t many of us could argue with that price. You can find out a list of participating (over 500) cinemas in the UK near you here.

Which films will you watch tomorrow?


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Now, we come on to the tricky question of which films will you go and watch tomorrow? There are so many great films you can go and watch tomorrow. Bullet Train, which stars Brad Pitt, is still in cinemas. That would be a good choice because it’s a really fun movie. I also loved Minions: Rise Of Gru, and it would make for a great family day out at the cinema.

There are also films such as Beast, which stars Idris Elba and Jordan Peele’s film Nope that are both out at the moment. I’ve heard good things about Nope. I haven’t heard such good things about Beast, but I have heard some people say that it’s a fun movie and a good time at the cinema. Another movie that you might be able to catch is DC’s League Of Super Pets, which might be still available to watch at some cinemas. Are you looking forward to tomorrow? It’s a big day for we cinema fans!

Will you be watching a film as part of National Cinema Day? Which film (or films) will you watch this Saturday? Let us know in the comments below, we’d love to hear from you!


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