Monsters At Work’s Missing Monsters Inc Character Explained


So, Monsters At Work has just landed on Disney Plus and people are already realising this new Pixar series doesn’t feature a rather prominent Monsters Inc. character.

Which character am I referring to?

Well, it’s Boo, who was one of the main characters in Monsters Inc. and she is nowhere to be seen in this new series which is a continuation of the Monsters Inc. movie.

So, why isn’t she in the series? Thankfully, the show’s boss (also known as the showrunner) was on hand to explain why they omitted Boo from Monsters At Work.

Bob Gannaway was chatting to The Radio Times about his new show and took to the time to explain why Boo wasn’t in the series.

Why isn’t Boo in Monsters At Work?


Credit: Pixar

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“We both agreed the relationship between Boo and Sulley is so precious and so wonderful that we want to leave it to the world to have their own interpretation of how that relationship continued,” he began.

He continued: “That was very important to Pete and also us. So it’s not that we don’t love Boo and don’t want to see her again, but that relationship is so precious. We want to leave it. Let the world have that.”

So, there you have it.

When coming up with the show, they wanted to keep the relationship between Boo and Sulley the way it was in the movie.

That actually makes a lot of sense to me.

What do you make of this news?

Are you sad to hear that Monsters At Work will not feature Boo?

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