Monster Hunter Has Been Pulled From Chinese Cinemas Due To Racist Slur

It’s been revealed that the upcoming Monster Hunter movie has been pulled from Chinese cinemas after it was revealed the film had a racist slur in it. This ‘joke’ was revealed via a user on Twitter, however, the video’s since been removed due to ‘copyright infringement’.

Yep. The Paul W.S. Anderson directed movie starring his wife Milla Jovovich, which is a live-action adaptation of Capcom’s Monster Hunter video game franchise has been pulled from theatres in China.

This comes after there was a very vocal backlash from Chinese audiences against a racial joke featured in the film. This racist slur was revealed via Daniel Ahmad on Twitter, and the media’s since been taken down after a “report by the copyright owner”, which is kind of useless at this point.

Monster Hunter has been removed from Chinese cinemas due to racist slur

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So, what’s the brilliant joke that Paul W.S, Anderson thought that was worth including in the movie? The joke takes place in a scene where a soldier, seemingly apropos of nothing, asks his fellow soldiers to “guess what kind of knees are these,” before responding with the punchline “Chinese.”

Wow, what incredible scriptwriting. Honestly, given how many people this Monster Hunter movie must have gone through before it was nearing release, I struggle to understand how this ‘joke’ got through. Also, China is an even bigger market than before because it’s basically the only place in the world where people are actually going to the cinemas.

The whole thing is just so stupid because the movie has now cut its box office taking in half, all so that they could have a joke in it about “Chinese knees”…. Slow clap for Anderson and his team of writers…

What do you make of this news? Are you surprised that Monster Hunter had this supposed ‘joke’ it in? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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