Cool Moments Missed In Casino Movies & TV Shows


Hollywood’s directors are fond of making casino movies. Viewers want to see a high-stakes game, a glamorous setting, and exciting characters. In films, you can see actors playing at the tables with live dealers, organizing a casino robbery, or visiting such places of chance. You can always feel like a casino visitor when you are at home.

Just launch online roulette for real money or any other game from the list offered by such establishments. When you watch casino movies, you miss many exciting moments. In the article, we will go into more detail about each of them.

Ocean’s Eleven (2001)


Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

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Danny Ocean is gearing up for the biggest heist of all time. To make things go as planned, he needs to assemble a team of followers with unique abilities. This is a movie about a casino where you can watch live dealers at work. By the way, now customers can find an online casino with Paysafecard with live dealers on the Internet.

They do not have to visit real gambling establishments. In such games, the distribution is carried out by a croupier from a casino or a specially equipped studio. All financial transactions are regulated by software. The human factor is excluded. Live dealer games are an excellent opportunity to feel like a visitor to a real casino, right at home.

Interesting facts about the casino movie Ocean’s Eleven

  • The main character tells his followers that an amount in the casino’s vault can cover the chips’ cost. Land-based casinos do not store such vast amounts in storage. If the player manages to break the big jackpot, he is issued a certificate. He will be able to withdraw the money only within a few days.
  • “See you when we see you then!” Matt Damon addresses this phrase to Danny when he says goodbye to him. Few people know that Damon said the exact phrase to Edward Norton’s character in the movie Rounders.
  • Actors really played in the casino. Almost the entire film cast made real bets in the casino in their spare time from filming.

Casino Royale (2006)


Credit: MGM Studios

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Casino Royale is the most memorable gambling movie in the entire James Bond series. Everything that characterizes a famous secret agent is here – high risk, wealth, brilliant game.

Interesting facts about Casino Royale

  • In one of the scenes, you can see how James Bond gives the dealer a tip. The reward is $500,000.
  • The shot where the actor Craig emerges from the sea was filmed quite accidentally. During filming, the actor accidentally swam into the shallows, which forced him to go ashore.
  • The number “53” is written on the keychain from the movie. It’s a reference. The book that the film was based on was written in 1953. And the movie with Daniel Craig came out 53 years after the book’s release.
  • James Bond does not play baccarat in the film, the classic secret agent game. Instead, Bond is betting high in No-Limit Texas Hold’em. The pot at the table where the agent sat was $115 million.

TV Series “Office” (2005-2013)

Episode 20 of Season 3 of The Office is about gambling. The story shows how office workers are ready to bet literally on everything. One bet is that Creed Bratton will have a potato or an apple for lunch. In the film, Creed Bratton plays a fictionalized version of himself. If now a man is mainly focused on his acting career, then before he was fond of music and songs. In the recent past, he was even a member of the Grass Roots.

This episode lets you see how exciting rates are for ordinary office workers. The series also allows us to conclude how enjoyable gambling is for different sections of society – from professional players to amateurs who spend their leisure time in such establishments.


Even though most films are dedicated to playing in land-based establishments, modern players prefer to visit online casinos. These sites have several advantages. You can play anywhere – current operators adapt versions of their sites to run from mobile devices. Online casinos also offer a variety of games in various categories, from classic video slots to live dealer tables. It is essential for the player not to forget about responsible gambling. Never bet the last money in the casino, and do not seek to recoup after numerous losses.


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