Mindhunter Season 3: Netflix And David Fincher Moving Closer To A Deal


Mindhunter Season 3 seems a bit like the Holy Grail to many of us fans of the show, but it seems as though this thing might end up being a reality.

A few weeks ago, we shared the news that Netflix and David Fincher were having conversations about possibly getting the ball rolling on the third season.

Now, before that David Fincher had revealed that he was basically done with the show.

He said that the show took too much out of him, and it’s well-documented that Season 2 of Mindhunter took its toll on the filmmaker.

However, after Mindhunter Season 2 came out, Fincher then went and made Mank for Netflix.

What’s happening with Mindhunter Season 3 on Netflix?


Credit: Netflix

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As it stands, Fincher is working on two other projects right now: Strangers and The Killer.

Michael Fassbender is attached to star in The Killer and that film will be released on Netflix.

Strangers doesn’t have any cast or crew attached to it yet, but it will be a Warner Bros. Pictures production.

However, it seems like another Netflix project might be in line for Fincher before production on Strangers gets underway.

That project could very well be Mindhunter Season 3.

David Fincher and Netflix seem to want Season 3 to happen


Credit: Netflix

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Netflix and David Fincher have been discussing bringing the show back and doing a third season sources said.

We’ve since been informed that the signs for a third season are looking very good and that both parties are interesting in getting off the ground.

Sources said:

Fincher and Netflix are getting closer to a deal on Mindhunter Season 3.

So, it’s looking like Fincher has caught the Mindhunter bug again and is looking at finishing off what he started.

Mindhunter Season 2 was a reasonable hit on the streaming platform.

Netflix and Fincher have had a pretty good working relationship over the years.

It seems like they want to carry it on, and it feels as though Fincher wants to complete the story he started.

Season 2 ended on a cliffhanger


Credit: Netflix

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Mindhunter Season 2 ended on a huge cliffhanger and it would be a shame to just end it there.

Netflix had previously released the show’s cast from their contracts.

However, they have all expressed interest in returning to the show.

It wouldn’t be difficult for Netflix to convince them to come back for a third season.

Whether this would be the final season of the show or not is still unknown.

We’ll let you know more about Mindhunter Season 3 as soon as we hear anything else.

We have reached out to Netflix for comment on this story. They have yet to respond.

What do you make of this news?

Do you want to see a Mindhunter Season 3 on Netflix?

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