Why Microsoft Flight Simulator Was So Popular


Maybe you were running the first versions on an old Apple II. You may have discovered the game a few years back and decided to become an aircraft pilot. Flight Simulator is almost four decades old today. It amazes millions of gamers looking for a stunning, passionate, accurate aeroplane simulation.

Flight Simulator games have come a long way regarding graphics, realism, and gameplay features. There are many reasons why the game has stood the test of time, and it’s not always the most obvious one. The real magic lies in the fact that you can play this simulation like a pro. For fun, you can also wander about the Earth’s most breathtaking locations on board an F22 Raptor.

We will be celebrating the release of the 40th Anniversary Edition in 2024. This article will go back to simpler days. Days when a bunch of pixels could be an exhilarating depiction of liberty. Take a seat, buckle up, and learn a thing or two about a game that is still considered the best flying simulation of all time.

A Game Created By Pros


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The first batch of this aviator game was created in 1979 at the initiative of Bruce Artwick, a pilot who also created a software company, Sublogic. While it was just a bunch of pixels giving a vague idea of a moving plane on a pixelated field, the excitement of flying was already there.

Even with a very low frame rate – which made the game go exceptionally slow by today’s standard – the feel was almost realistic because the early project developers were jet and aircraft pilots. Therefore, the take-off and landing phases felt very professional, unlike other games that didn’t embrace that kind of realism.

One of the most memorable versions of the game was Flight Simulator 2000, featuring a Concorde on the artbook cover. This game was too heavy to be played on slow computers, but it was the peak of realism at the time and included a stunning + 17000 airports and many new aircraft.

The latest increments of the franchise are full of features breathtakingly similar to reality, with impressive open-world environments depicting more than 24,000 airports on the planet. It also renders the weather in very realistic ways and has and allows you to cooperate with other pilots online. You can also be an air-traffic controller if you want.

One of the most interesting features is your ability to visit places on foot. Funnily enough, Microsoft Office and the Asobo Studios (developers of the game) are the most visited locations in the game so far. The most visited airport is New York City.

A Passionate Community Of Pilots and Modders


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With the game experiencing major changes over time, it drew an active community of professionals and amateur pilots together. The modding scene of Flight Simulator has been so active these past few years that you can now fly with every vehicle under the Galaxy. You can fly the Millennium Falcon over Paris with a Sunset, thanks to a brilliant team of parallel creators enhancing the game’s global experience.

In 2023, flight simulators are so realistic that many professional pilots highly recommend the game to aspiring pilots. Many elements, such as accurate cockpits and a realistic landing phase, are extremely well rendered.

The game looks and feels more real every year. Playing flight simulation has become a recommended way to start your journey into aviation learning. Microsoft’s Flight Simulator is considered the best by a vast majority of professional pilots.

Of course, playing Flight Simulator will not make you an ace after a few hours of dabbling in the game. However, it can give you a realistic view of what to expect when flying aircraft and any type of plane, including WWI machines or helicopters.

Flight Simulator, A Cross-Platform Experience For 2024


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The recent trailer for the 40th anniversary of the game is quite convincing. Not only are the graphics extremely detailed, rich, and captivating. The game also presents various real-life missions that put you in the commander’s seat, such as mountain rescue, aerial construction, skydiving aviation, or even air balloon trips! The level of detail and variety of missions is likely to offer countless hours of gameplay.

Because FS has also been an exclusive game for computer gamers, it was about time that it would reach a new audience. It will be available for Xbox Series X and S and will use technologies such as Xbox Cloud Gaming to give PC and Console gamers the same exhilarating experience.

Playing Flight Simulator is a fabulous game fit for every kind of gamer. It might also be interesting if you’re not into planes that much. Because it can bring you pretty much anywhere on Earth a marvel at the view, the enjoyment of this game is universal. Flying over your hometown is a fun way to see the world from new perspectives, and it doesn’t cost as much as a plane license! After more than 22 million copies sold since the first edition, FS will continue to bring a sense of marvel for professional pilots and gaming amateurs.

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