Billie Eilish Thinks Michael B. Jordan Should Be The Next James Bond

Billie Eilish has just got a number one hit over here in the UK with her song for No Time To Die, and she’s since revealed she’d like to see Michael B. Jordan play James Bond.

I’ve said it before on here, I really do love her song for the upcoming Bond film.

It’s actually my favourite Bond song since Garbage’s The World Is Not Enough, which I love.

Eilish has now revealed that she would like to see Michael B. Jordan play James Bond after Daniel Craig.

“I would say, honestly, Michael B Jordan would kill that shit,” Eilish said during an interview on Capital FM.

She then went on to add that she’d enjoy hearing the actor speak smoothly with a British accent.

Billie Eilish thinks Michael B. Jordan should be the next James Bond

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Michael B. Jordan in Creed 2 – Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

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Craig’s been playing James Bond since Casino Royale and he’s been one of the best actors to play the role.

No Time To Die will be the last time he’ll play the British Secret Agent.

It’ll be sad to see him say goodbye to Craig as Bond, but he’s given us some of the very best Bond movies ever made.

If Michael B. Jordan can pull off a British accent, then why not have him play the role?

Would you like to see Michael B. Jordan play James Bond after Daniel Craig? Do you think he’d make a good James Bond?

Let us know in the comments below.

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