Matt Berry Will Be Back As Steven Toast In Toast Of Tinseltown

Toast Of London Matt Berry

In August 2012, a little-known comedy debuted on Channel 4 starring Matt Berry (whom if you can’t picture his face, you’ll know his voice from countless voice-overs on tv adverts in the past decade). Toast of London was born, co-created by Father Ted and co-creator Arthur Matthews, and it became a cult hit. It’s now been revealed that Berry will be back as Steven Toast in a six-part series on BBC iPlayer which will be called Toast Of Tinseltown.

Across three seasons we followed the antics of a working actor trying to make it big in the acting world and the romantic scene. He was joined along with journeyman actor Robert Bathhurst played by Ed Howzer-Black.

 With a mixture of music, quick wit, slapstick and dry humour it came to an end in December 2015 with the third season (still available on Netflix!). For the past 6 years rumours have spread suggesting a fourth season could be in the works. Berry has also on occasion talked about ideas for another season.

Steven Toast will be back as Toast Of Tinseltown

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He noted once that it takes “close to a year” to write the series which isn’t an easy task when you are juggling other projects. However today the BBC released a press release that Toast of Tinseltown will premiere on BBC One and BBC iPlayer in a 6 part series filmed later this year.

In six 30 minute episodes the character will return in Berry’s BAFTA award-winning role as he tries to break into Hollywood. The release states we’ll see new and recurring characters, and hopefully the duo of Danny Bear and Clem Fandango.

Played by The Jewish Enquirer lead Tim Downie and Star Trek Discovery star Shazad Latif the two regularly clash with Steven Toast in the voice-over studios to hilarious results. For those who haven’t seen Toast of London, get yourselves over to Netflix where you can watch the first 3 seasons all interrupted right now.

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