Marvel’s Inhumans Reportedly Will Be Rebooted In The Fantastic Four Movies


It’s being rumoured that Marvel’s Inhumans are going to be rebooted in the upcoming Fantastic Four movies. This report comes to us from Mikey Sutton over at Geekoisty, who tends to be pretty much spot on with his scoops.

It’s no secret that the Inhumans TV show was a disaster. Before they made the show, it sounded like this upcoming Marvel TV show was going to be their answer to Game Of Thrones. They even cast the villain on the HBO hit show as their villain.

It just didn’t work, ran out of money, was poorly written and pretty poorly acted. Although, I do not blame the actors for that. They released the first two episodes of the show in IMAX cinemas, and it just bombed, and the show never really recovered.

However, it sounds like the Inhumans aren’t dead, as there are now rumours that they might be rebooted and brought into the upcoming Fantastic Four movies.

Marvel’s Inhumans could be rebooted in the Fantastic Four movies

Marvel's Inhumans MCU

Credit: Marvel Television

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Here’s what Mikey Sutton over at Geekosity had to say about Marvel’s Inhumans being rebooted and brought into the Fantastic Four films:

The Inhumans may have flopped as a TV show, but they have an epic future in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. According to sources, the Inhumans are headed to the Fantastic Four cinematic franchise; in fact, they are being developed for the second installment. Of particular interest to Marvel Studios is Black Bolt. His scream can slice cities in half, an alien wail that, with enough intensity, has the decibel crush of the sky’s cries if they are slashed by God.

What do you make of this story? Would you like to see The Inhumans make an appearance in the upcoming Fantastic Four movies? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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