Will Marvel Get The Farewell’s Lulu Wang To Direct Captain Marvel 2?

It’s been revealed that Captain Marvel 2 is officially happening over at Marvel Studios, but they are currently shopping for a director.

The Hollywood Reporter revealed that Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck, who co-wrote and directed the first movie, won’t be returning for Captain Marvel 2.

This actually puzzled me because I thought Marvel Studios and Kevin Feige had a good working relationship with the pair.

There were no reports of issues on set, and it seemed like the whole thing went very smoothly.

There are a whole bunch of reasons why Boden and Fleck might have decided not to come back.

They could have thought that one Marvel movie was enough for them and wanted to focus on other things.

Captain Marvel 2 needs a new director

Captain Marvel 2 MCU Brie Larson

Captain Marvel 2 is in development – Credit: Marvel Studios

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Marvel Studios might have been worried by the backlash against the movie, which I didn’t get to be honest.

If you put Captain Marvel up against the likes of Captain America: The First Avenger, the first Thor movie, even the first Iron Man film to a certain extent, then I think you could say that it’s at the same level as those movies, and even better in some instances.

Anyway, people didn’t react too kindly to the first Captain Marvel movie, yet it still did well at the box office.

So, maybe Marvel Studios is just looking to bring in some fresh blood into the Captain Marvel franchise, and perhaps even the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) as a whole.

It’s being reported that Marvel is looking to bring in a female director, and when I heard this, my mind went straight to one person, Lulu Wang.

The Farewell’s writer/director, Lulu Wang would be the perfect choice for Captain Marvel 2

The Farewell’s director and writer, Lulu Wang, revealed she was asked to make a Marvel movie – Credit: A24

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You might not be overly familiar with that name, but rest assured, she’ll be massive in a few years’ time.

In 2019 she released her incredible Chinese-American movie, The Farewell which starred Awkwafina who’s just been cast in a Marvel movie herself.

Awkwafina is going to be in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings and I really can’t wait to see that film.

The reason why I think Wang is being eyed to direct Captain Marvel 2 is quite simple. She’s a great director with a unique style.

She’s quite young and knows how to write an excellent script, and she revealed during a recent roundtable talk with The Hollywood Reporter that Marvel approached her to direct a movie.

I’m pretty sure they approached her to direct Captain Marvel 2, and she hasn’t revealed how those talks went.

During the roundtable interview, she did reveal she wouldn’t say no to directing a Marvel movie, and I think working alongside Brie Larson in a film like Captain Marvel 2 would be perfect for her.

Lulu Wang revealed she’s already been in discussions with Marvel

Lulu Wang The Farewell Marvel MCU movies

Awkwafina in Lulu Wang’s The Farewell – Credit: A24

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They were all having an interesting conversation during this roundtable discussion about Marvel movies, which was kickstarted when the interviewer asked Scorsese to clarify the recent comments he made about those movies.

The interviewer then asked the room whether any of the directors had been asked to make a Marvel movie, and everyone shook their heads apart from Lulu who put her hand up and nodded.

She then laughed and said: “I don’t know if I’m supposed to say that.”

Lulu was clearly worried that she made a slip-up, but I don’t think it’s a bad thing to admit that Marvel Studios had come to her asking to direct one of their movies.

So, I’m pretty sure that Marvel Studios and Kevin Feige have been looking very closely as Wang and they’ve been impressed by her work.

There’s no one better than Lulu Wang for Captain Marvel 2

Marvel movies on Disney plus

Captain Marvel will be made available on Disney Plus – Credit: Marvel Studios

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I don’t think there would be a better choice to direct Captain Marvel 2, and I know that Brie Larson would love to work alongside the writer/director.

It almost seems like it’s a match made in heaven, and the fact that Awkwafina has already been cast in the MCU just reinforces my belief that Wang will join her The Farewell actress.

As I mentioned above, Wang is a very talented director and writer and would bring in new ideas, a fresh take and more importantly, a unique voice into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

What do you guys think? Do you think Lulu Wang would be the perfect director for Captain Marvel 2?

Let me know in the comments below.

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