Marvel Reportedly Want To Reboot Agents Of SHIELD And Bring It In The MCU

It’s being rumoured that Marvel Studios is now thinking of rebooting Marvel’s Agents Of SHIELD and make it part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). This rumour comes to us from We Got This Covered.

There’s been a lot written about Marvel’s Agents Of SHIELD over the past few days. It’s been said that the last two seasons of the show will be dropped on Disney Plus soon and that they will be also making news episodes of the show, Well, we’re now hearing that Marvel’s Agents Of SHIELD might actually be in line for a reboot over at Marvel Studios.

This means that it could officially be part of the MCU which will be great for the show and its fans. Now, it would mean that they’re basically going to confirm that the previous version of the show is non-canon which is a little upsetting.

Marvel’s Agents Of SHIELD might be getting a reboot and become part of the MCU

Agents of SHIELD Marvel Disney Plus

Credit: Marvel Studios

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But, why, I hear you ask, doesn’t Marvel Studios want AOS to be canon? Well, it has to do with the fact that it was made by Marvel Television which was a branch of Marvel that was not controlled by Kevin Feige. Marvel Television, which is now defunct, was run by Jeff Loeb and he and Feige did not see eye-to-eye on things.

They disagreed fiercely on how Marvel should proceed with the television shows. Feige desperately wanted to get his hands on the TV side of things as well and make it all intertwined with the MCU. Loeb seemed to like his stuff to be adjacent to the MCU, but not really a part of it.

The closed they ever got to making a show that was officially part of the MCU was AOS, but it looks like Marvel Studios no longer considers it to be part of their universe, even though characters from the main MCU movies have appeared in the show.

What do you make of this story? Are you looking forward to potentially seeing Marvel Studios reboot Agents Of SHIELD and make it part of the MCU? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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