Man Reportedly Arrested For Filming The Flash During Test Screening


Getting arrested and detained for filming is a very real thing, as demonstrated when an unidentified man did so during a test screening for DC StudiosThe Flash. Perhaps Warner Bros and DC have been highly successful in creating the hype for the upcoming movie that people can’t wait to share a copy of the film no matter what the cost.

Unfortunately, for those who think it is acceptable, it is actually very illegal. In fact, it falls under several levels of anti-piracy law violations. It is even considered as a form of theft. Filming a movie during a screen test is actually creating an unauthorized copy of an intellectual property.

The simplest explanation is that it isn’t allowed for a person to take home something that isn’t theirs without permission from the owner.

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Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

Warner Bros and DC Studios have been on their toes building interest for the upcoming movie. Many have seen the film in its entirety. Warner head honcho David Zaslav has already described it as a movie that they are happy about and anticipating the release. They even gave Tom Cruise a special screening of the movie, and the Mission: Impossible actor reportedly liked what he saw.

Even during the CinemaCon, where audiences were treated to a screening of the movie were encouraged to talk about what they had seen online. Warner and DC Studios are confident with what they are about to bring to theatres this June. The same can’t be said for Jason Momoa’s upcoming Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom movie, though. But I digress.

Now, another indication of the movie’s quality may be demonstrated by the man who was caught doing the violation. The man may be facing charges, but definitely his actions key people in on thinking the movie might just be that good for someone to do something as ‘stealing’ a copy.

Man Filming The Flash Test Screening Gets Arrested

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In a series of Twitter posts via Animated Times, an intriguing encounter transpired during a May 22 test screening of The Flash in Miami, Florida. According to the tweets, an unidentified man allegedly assaulted security personnel after being caught filming the movie at the theatre. The man was reported to be throwing soda towards other members of the audience.

Twitter user @AjepArts posted:

The guy who got arrested got caught recording, punched security and got kicked out 😭😭😭😭

Another one, @jelani82, who seemed to also have been in the test screening, responded:

Is that what happened? I was wondering wonder what all the commotion was (we were down front). All we caught was him in cuffs and screaming on his way out; my kids were freaked out.

Meanwhile, @NebsGoodTakes posted some more details about the incident even though in later posts, he disclosed he wasn’t actually there when it happened. He posted:

More info regarding the arrest that took place in last night’s #TheFlashMovie early fan screening in Miami FL:

An hour into the screening, security guards approached a man who was caught recording the movie with his phone and throwing soda at other attendees

Following up this post with the following:

They asked him to leave but he repeatedly kept saying “I’m just trying to watch the movie man” and it eventually escalated until seemingly he punched at one of the guards

Security left and cops arrived in the room minutes later, who placed his hands behind his back

According to Neb’s post, the man wasn’t exactly alone during the screening. He was, in fact, with his family. The Twitter post continued:

The man and his family(kids?) were escorted out of the room as he shouted “Y’all are seeing this right?” but everybody just kept watching the movie as they exited.

The Twitter user also made it clear that he wasn’t there when it happened, though. He posted:

I was personally not at this screening, I was at a different one on the other side of the country with its own drama going on, so if anybody who was there in Florida wants to correct or add any information just let me know 👍

Nevertheless, Twitter user Neb still got to see an advanced screening of the film, and he, too, is among those who have high praise for the upcoming movie.

Man Caught Filming The Flash During Test Screening Still Detained


Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

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Despite the backlash that the movie’s lead star is dragging into the marketing of The Flash, the production company is evidently doing its darnedest to get this one appreciated for its worth as a film. A lot of effort is done by the studio to convince people to look past the fact that Ezra Miller is the movie’s headliner.

Showcasing it as the DC’s best movie to date on a par with the levels of Dark Knight and bringing in the big guns or, more aptly, capes of Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck as versions of Batman, not to mention Sasha Calle as Supergirl, people are hyped about The Flash movie alright.

They are hyped but not about the Flash himself. Even IMDb doesn’t list Ezra Miller as the movie’s star on its initial page for The Flash. The big screen adaptation of the popular comic book series Flashpoint which has also been adapted in animation and television, finally comes June 16.

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