The Main Activities And Modes In Destiny 2 Explained


Destiny 2 is one of the most famous and recognizable MMO RPGs due to the popularity of the first part and the HALO series.

Players who come to the world of Destiny 2 may get carried away by the bright colours of the space setting and simply forget that in addition to exploring space and other planets, there are other activities that can be done in an MMO RPG.

We will analyze activities according to their entertainment and usefulness, and not according to the ordinal time of unblocking.

  • Quests
  • Contracts
  • Plot
  • Space exploration
  • Raids
  • Strikes
  • Trial of Osiris

Quests in Destiny 2


Credit: Bungie

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Special assignments and secondary tasks that enable players to get the next levels, glimmers – the local currency of the Destiny 2 world, resources, equipment and weapons for your class.

Such tasks are needed so that game developers from Bungie can teach players gradually and concisely, introduce more and more mechanics into their gameplay that gamers will use at maximum levels and later stages of the game.

Without quests in the initial stages, it will be difficult to figure out the mechanics and gain key character levels. An alternative can be Destiny 2 boost services from professional services that provide the opportunity to receive levels and glimmers with a guarantee of security and anonymity in the face of the game administration.

Tasks are divided into two types – the main ones, which are needed to advance the overall game story and character development, and the secondary ones, which are needed as additional sources of experience and glimmers.

Contracts in Destiny 2


Credit: Bungie

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Contracts are special additional assignments that relate to in-game actions and are not related to quests in any way.

They oblige you to perform certain mechanics for a specified period of time and at the same time undertake to complete them on time, otherwise progress and rewards will not be counted, and contracts will be updated.

For example, you can be sent to kill certain monsters in the amount of 50 pieces – you can choose not to do this, or combine it with a regular story task and fill in statistics along the way. Each kill will fix and bring you closer to closing the contract. It is important to complete all tasks before the end of the allotted time, otherwise the contract will be updated and progress will not protect, even if you killed 49 out of 50, so be careful.

You can also take on more than one major contract, but for payment from a local NPC who accepts glimmers for new tasks. In this way, you can legally convert money into experience.

Destiny 2’s Plot


Credit: Bungie

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Destiny 2 uses the networking of space development and the confrontation of mankind against alien invaders and, in parallel, explore space and new planets, including Neptune and the Moon.

If you choose the Titan class, then according to the developers’ idea, you are a knight who took part in the creation of the capital of the kingdom and gave your word of honour to protect it from enemies even at the cost of your life.

Warlock plays the role of a traveller, a seeker of knowledge and a fighter against darkness in any of its manifestations with the help of magic and small arms.

Hunters are wanderers and masters of contracts and ranged combat, for whom actions for hire are commonplace, as evidenced by a special cloak that develops behind his back.

By choosing any class of your choice, you will be able to get acquainted with all this information, but the plot will develop in the same way, regardless of which path and class you choose. All classes are perfectly combined with each other and duplicated in any group for passing storylines and farming locations.

Space exploration


Credit: Bungie

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In addition to activities and an interesting storyline, Destiny 2 has many beautiful locations and places that are interesting to explore and explore.

You can go to many interesting places related to space, including the planet Neptune, where the main events of the new Lightfall update will unfold. Don’t forget about the Moon and other open spaces in space that you can and should explore to complement your general knowledge of the Destiny 2 universe.


Raids are one of the most interesting activities in MMO RPGs and Destiny 2 is no exception.

You have to collect your squad, or join an existing one, to go to the lair of the boss and his retinue and fight with them for experience, glimmers and new weapons and equipment.

Destiny 2 has a system of mini-raids called strikes. They serve as a preparatory stage for serious raids and at the same time provide an opportunity for small groups of players to also receive their rewards and experience – 3 players are enough to enter the strike zone.

Raids, on the other hand, are more complex and require a high level of group communication to deal with all the stages of the passage and the main skills that will alternate to deal large and consistently strong damage to the group, which can lead to raid failure if all participants are not careful.


As we have already found out, these are mini-raids, which will be the first on the character’s path to get acquainted with future dungeons.

Strike mechanics even allow you to go through the dungeon alone, but you need to be prepared for more protracted battles than if you go through it with three people, as is the case in the standard format as conceived by game developers.

Trial of Osiris

One of the brightest activities that opens up to the player at the last levels and involves constant battles against other players.

You will participate in battles in the arena against other players as part of a group of three, in which you need to win in a row.

If you regularly defeat other groups and win in a row, you will be able to claim the legendary seasonal equipment, which can be obtained for seven victories in a row.

This is one of the most relatively stable and dynamic ways to get legendary equipment and, at the same time, have fun in active battles, where you learn to control your character, use skills, and grenades.

If you wish, you can use different tickets, which will improve the state of affairs between rounds and retain the ability to maintain your winning streak, so as not to start all over again in case of defeat.

Still, there is always a risk of losing all series of victories, but you should not be upset – most fights go too fast, and even in case of defeats, you can always start all over again and return your series of victories.

As for seasons and equipment, each period is always a new element of legendary weapons and equipment, and if you follow the path of regular participation in each season, you can improve your character by doing your favourite activity – constantly fighting with other players.

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