Apple Vision Pro Mixed Reality Headset Review & First Thoughts


Apple has unveiled the new Apple Vision Pro headset, providing a unique virtual and augmented reality experience. With these glasses, you can even play at National Casino Canada casino online in augmented reality.

It looks like a ski mask, but there is a nuance… In this article, we talk about the design, characteristics, capabilities and cost of AR glasses. Let’s get started.

What Is It?


Credit: Apple

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The Apple Vision Pro mixed Reality headset is the newest product from Apple that combines augmented and virtual reality to create amazing features and user experiences. Apple glasses are one of the most functional, ergonomic and designer headsets on the market. Let’s look at the characteristics and design of the new mixed reality headset Apple Vision Pro.

Presentation of Glasses


Credit: Apple

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The presentation of Apple Vision Pro AR glasses took place on June 5. The event opened the annual WWDC Developer Conference. At the presentation, Apple presented the latest augmented reality technologies (apple ar vr), which will be used in Vision Pro AR glasses. Apple’s virtual Glasses are a unique mixed reality headset that uses the most advanced AR technology. It has a simple and beautiful design and runs on its own operating system, which was developed specifically for AR devices.

The new iOS 17 operating system was also presented at the presentation. In iOS 17, functional changes have been made that will help improve the performance of the device and expand the use of applications on iOS. For example, interface improvements have been made, functionality and security systems have been updated.

Apple Glasses 2023: Features and Design

Both parts of the headset are equipped with Retina screens that provide perfect resolution from 1080p to 8K for each eye. This allows you to see a clean image with scrupulous detail. The cameras are located in the centre of the headset and use the technology of Apple’s own sensor (M2), which allows the headset to recognize hands and objects in the field of view.

The cameras are also equipped with filters to provide an image without any blur. The display lenses are developed in collaboration with Zeiss. They use 23 million pixels. The Apple Vision Pro headset is equipped with 12 cameras, lidars, depth sensors and six microphones.

The headset has high-performance processors and video cards, which allow you to process a large amount of data and create graphic effects. Apple virtual reality glasses run on the Apple iOS operating system and have several software platforms, including ARKit, Unreal, Unity and additional development programs.

The new Apple product is equipped with a sound system that supports 4D audio and creates a feeling of complete immersion in virtual or augmented reality. The device uses its own operating system called VisionOS: it is able to mimic iOS, macOS, watchOS and tvOS.

Externally, Apple’s virtual reality helmet looks like a completely new product. It does not have a cable, and the attachment devices for the head are located on a hardy band-rim, ergonomically fitting the user’s skull. The Apple Vision Pro was designed with a focus on mobility as it weighs less than 300 grams, making it one of the lightest and most convenient devices in its class.

Apple Vision Pro mixed reality headsets are presented in several colour solutions, which provides users with a fairly rich choice. Augmented reality glasses Epl can also be used by users with glass lenses due to the presence of special glasses that can be worn with the headset.

How to Control the Apple Vision Pro Headset?


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This device not only performs many incredible tasks, but is also convenient and easy to use. However, it can be difficult for many users to understand how to operate the headset and what it can do.

Step 1: Preparing for use

Step 2: Connecting to the device

Step 3: System Setup

Step 4: Using AR Apps

Step 5: Control the headset

The Apple Vision Pro mixed reality headset is controlled using touch buttons located on the case. Click on the buttons to control the headset settings, change the brightness and volume of the sound, as well as go to the next or previous application.

Apple Vision Pro can be controlled using gestures. The EyeSight camera system is responsible for recognizing these gestures. Users can perform various actions with their hands, such as navigating through menus, selecting options, managing 3D models, and so on. In order to tell the headset that the user is executing a command, it is necessary to perform a gesture, such as a finger click, a swing, a tilt of the head, and others.

In addition, the Apple Vision Pro mixed reality headset is also controlled using the built-in cameras, microphone and buttons. The Digital Crown wheel of the Apple Watch is also used for control.

What do you make of this feature? Are you looking forward to using Apple’s new Apple Vision Pro headset? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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