Lupin Part 2’s Official Teaser Trailer Released

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The official teaser trailer for one of the best Netflix shows on right now, Lupin Part 2, has been released and it looks epic!

The first part of Lupin landed earlier this year on Netflix and it really took the streaming service by storm.

The series stars French actor, Omar Sy, as Assane Diop, a wonderfully charismatic thief and con man who’s bases himself on Arsène Lupin.

If you don’t know who Arsène Lupin is, he’s a famous character in France.

There are a lot of books and he’s described as a gentleman thief and is a bit like Sherlock Holmes, but just happens to be a thief rather than a detective.

The official teaser trailer for Lupin Part 2 has been released

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The first part of Lupin is easily one of the best shows I’ve watched this year, and it ended up becoming one of Netflix’s most successful.

It was viewed by over 70 million households on Netflix within its first 28 days of being released.

This made it one of Netflix’s most successful original shows of all time, just behind Bridgerton and The Witcher.

Those are truly crazy numbers for a show that’s not in the English language.

It’s the most successful French show on the platform of all time and it’s really made Omar Sy and an even bigger star than he already was.

What do you make of this trailer for Lupin Part 2?

Are you looking forward to watching the next part of the brilliant series?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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